The KCKCC Art Gallery

Kansas City Kansas Community College now has its own art venue, The Gallery, for students, faculty, staff and community members to enjoy.

The Gallery, which is in what was previously known as the Private Dining Room in Lower Jewell, opened in early May. The hours of the KCKCC art gallery have not yet been determined.

On Display

Mexican Domestic I and II by Ernst Ulmer (1913-2009)
watercolor 10”X 12” 1998.

Winter Evening by Robert Sudlow (1932-2010)
oil on paper 21” X 18” 1992.

Confluence of Rivers by Norma Cowdrick,
Giclee lithograph 20”X 28” 1989.

Foliage by Wilbur Niewald,
oil on canvas 29”X35” 1991.

1-10 by Jim Leedy,
textured oil and acrylic on paper 36”X 50” 1990.

Road Runner by James Mirick,
acrylic on paper 35”X 27” 1964.

Morning Rises by James Mirick,
acrylic on paper 35”X 28” 1968.

Oriental Masterprint-12 and 6 Ed. 20 by Roger Shimomura,
silk screen 20” X 20” 1975.

Id, Ego, Supergo by George Rousis
three concrete and kinetic forged steel sculptures 7 ft. X 3 ft. 2009.  
Diet Sprite by Jerry Oliver Wilkerson (1943-2007) oil on canvas 14"X 12” 1992.

Donna’s Canvas
by Leroy W. Allen (1951-2007)
oil on canvas 14”X 19” 1994.

Maasai Warrior
by Catherine Mahoney,
oil on canvas 50” X 40” 2008.

Jazz Sentinels by Catherine Mahoney,
oil on canvas 50” X 40” 2010.

by Beatrice Brooks,
watercolor 20” X 28” watercolor 1991. 

by Jõse Faus,
spray acrylic on paper 73” X 44” 2013.

Anita by Richard Mattsson,
oil on canvas 20” X14” 1992. 

Quindaro Underground Railroad Sketch by John Newman,
watercolor 20" X 14” 2008. 

Pea Soup by Ion Paleologue,
oil on canvas 6” X 9” 1962.

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Performing Arts Center

Performing Arts Center

The Performing Arts Center (PAC), dedicated in 1977, was designed to meet the educational and cultural needs of Wyandotte County. Through the stated desire to make the PAC available for community use as much as practical, the Center should be a cultural factor in our community for years to come.   Theatre Programs

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