Prospective KCKCC-BizFest Scholarship Students from KC BizFest 2015

Basic Eligibility Requirements

  • Have successfully completed the
    KC BizFest 2015 program;
  • Be eligible for graduation from a
    Kansas high school in May 2015;
  • Be Kansas in-state tuition eligible.

Persons without lawful immigration status, including students with “Deferred Action Status,” must have signed and filed a “KCKCC HB 2145 Affidavit” form;

  • Have attended an accredited Kansas high school for three or more years and;
  • Have either graduated from an accredited Kansas high school or earned a GED issued in Kansas

If the above requirements are met, to be considered for the scholarship, the student must complete the following before April 1, 2015:

  • Apply for admission and provide a copy of an unofficial transcript;
  • Complete and submit the scholarship application and essay
  • Take the COMPASS placement exam and receive a minimum score of 75.

If the applicant is offered and accepts the scholarship, he/she must:

  • Provide an official post-graduation high school transcript with graduation date;
  • Must maintain a 2.5 GPA enrolled “full-time” (12 credit-hour minimum) or “part-time” (6 credit-hour minimum) to continue on  the KCKCC-BizFest scholarship;
  • Full-time students will receive $1,000 per semester of study, and
  • Part-time students will receive $500 per semester of study;
  • Must maintain continuous enrollment (except summers) to be eligible for scholarship;
    The scholarship will pay for a maximum of 66 credit hours;
  • Complete the Associate’s Degree/Technical Certification within five years;
  • Pay for any retaken classes due to withdrawals and/or failing grades;
  • Be an active member of a KCKCC student organization and/or other approved organizations;
  • Be mentored by a current KCKCC-BizFest Scholarship student, an approved internal KCKCC mentor, and/or a KC BizFest Steering Committee member.

Beca KCKCC-BizFest
Información Importante – Elegibilidad y Fechas Límites

Online Application

Fill out the application online and submit all supporting documentation by email.

Online Biz Fest Scholarship Application

Mail Application

Download the scholarship PDF fill out the form and mail with supporting documentation to KCKCC.

Biz Fest Scholarship Application

Mail the application to:
Brian Patrick, Continuing Education
7250 State Avenue, Kansas City, KS 66112

Contact Information

Brian Patrick

Barbara Clark-Evans

In Focus

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