Allied Health & Nursing

Allied Health

Title Number Fee
Nursing Assistant ALHT0104 $135
Certified Nurse Aide Refresher ALHT0105 $25
Certified Medication Aide ALHT0106 $110
Certified Medication Aide Update ALHT0107 $20
Infant and Toddler First Aid and CPR ALHT0114 $15
Sleep Studies ALHT0160 $15.00
Asthma Disease Management ALHT0286 $15.00
Cardio-Pulmonary Resuscitation ALHT0290-0293 $15.00
Neonatal Resuscitation ALHT0294 $20.00

Emergency Medical Technician

Title Number Fee
Emergency Medical Responder EMTC0105 $20
Emergency Medical Technician EMTC0123 $100
EMT Review EMTC0140 $40
Paramedic Concepts I EMTC0227 $160
Paramedic Concepts II EMTC0228 $160
Paramedic Concepts III EMTC0229 $160
Paramedic Concepts IV EMTC0230 $160

Nurse / Practical Nurse

Title Number Fee
Foundation of Nursing KSPN0102 $212
KSPN Medical Surgical Nursing II KSPN0120 $212
Nursing Care Techniques NURS0121 $100
Foundations of Nursing Care I NURS0122 $120
Foundations of Nursing Care II NURS0123 $160
Concepts of Care I NURS0124 $160
Concepts of Mental Health/Illness NURS0126 $160
Health Assessment for Nurses NURS0193 $50
Paramedic/RRT to RN Concepts of Care NURS0144 $160
MICT/RRT to RN Transition Concepts NURS0145 $40
Paramedic/RRT to RN Transition Concepts NURS0147 $80
Women and Neonates NURS0210 $160
Children and Families NURS0212 $160
Concepts of Care II NURS0224 $160
Nursing Care Coordinators NURS0226 $220

Physical Therapist Assistant

Title Number Fee
Musculoskeletal I PHTR0160 $150
Fundamentals of Treatment Procedures PHTR0170 $150
Pathophysiology for Rehabilitation PHTR0220 $150
Musculoskeletal III PHTR0230 $150
Musculoskeletal II PHTR0250 $150
Neuromuscular Rehabilitation PHTR0275 $150

Respiratory Therapy

Title Number Fee
Fundamentals of Respiratory Care RSCR0120 $50
Technical Interventions I RSCR0124 $50
Cardiopulmonary Care I RSCR0125 $65
Clinic Practice I RSCR0129 $50
Sleep Studies RSCR0160 $20
Introduction to Respiratory Care RSCR0220 $50
Therapeutic Interventions I RSCR0224 $35
Cardiopulmonary Care & Diagnostics I RSCR0225 $65
Therapist Clinical Practice I RSCR0229 $50
Technical Devices RSCR0230 $35
Technical Intervention II RSCR0234 $50
Cardiopulmonary Care II RSCR0235 $65
Clinic Practice II RSCR0239 $65
Therapeutic Devices RSCR0240 $35
Therapeutic Interventions II RSCR0244 $50
Cardiopulmonary Care & Diagnostics II RSCR0245 $65
Therapist-Clinic Practice II RSCR0249 $65
Technical Case Studies RSCR0270 $20
Technical Intervention III RSCR0274 $50
Technical Interventions IV RSCR0275 $20
Clinic Practice III RSCR0279 $65
Clinic Practice IV RSCR0284 $65
Cardiopulmonary Care & Diagnostics III RSCR0285 $65
Asthma Disease Management RSCR0286 $20
Introduction to Pulmonary Function RSCR0288 $20
Perinatal Pediatrics RSCR0290 $35
Neonatal Resuscitation RSCR0294 $20
Final Project Seminar RSCR0299 $20

Mortuary Science

Title Number Fee
Restorative Art MTSC0110 $75
Embalming Theory MTSC0205 $25
Clinical Lab Diagnostics MEDA0135 $40

Arts, Humanities, & Social Sciences


Title Number Fee
Drawing I FNAR0111 $35
Drawing II FNAR0112 $35
Drawing III FNAR0113 $35
Painting I FNAR0121 $35
Painting II FNAR0122 $15
Painting III FNAR0123 $35
Introduction to Photography FNAR0140 $35
Sculpture I FNAR0151 $35
Sculpture II FNAR0152 $35
Sculpture III FNAR0153 $35
Ceramics I FNAR0161 $35
Ceramics II FNAR0162 $35
Ceramics III FNAR0163 $35
Intermediate Photography FNAR0241 $35

Audio Engineering

Title Number Fee
Music Technology 1 AUDI0110 $35
Circuit Analysis II AUDI/ENGR0115 $20
Live Sound Reinforcement 1 AUDI0150 $35
Live Sound Reinforcement 2 AUDI0151 $35
Lighting and Staging AUDI0170 $35
Music Technology 2 AUDI0210 $35
Multimedia Production AUDI0230 $35
Music Video Practicum AUDI0233 $35
Sound Editing and Synthesis AUDI0240 $35
Audio Recording 1 AUDI0250 $35
Audio Engineering Critical Listening AUDI0255 $35
Applied Audio for Media AUDI0258 $35
Audio Recording 2 AUDI0260 $35
Audio Recording 3 AUDI0270 $35
Audio Engineering Portfolio AUDI0280 $35
Audio Engineering Portfolio AUDI0281 $35

Digital Imaging Design

Title Number Fee
Beginning Photoshop DIGI0115 $30
Intermediate Photoshop DIGI0116 $30
Advanced Photoshop DIGI0117 $30
Two Dimensional Design I DIGI0131 $30
3D Design & 3D Graphics Modeling DIGI0137 $30
Beginning Illustrator DIGI0174 $30
Advanced Illustrator DIGI0175 $30
Graphic Design: Multi-Media and Web I DIGI0176 $30
Graphic Design: Multi-Media and Web II DIGI0177 $30
Graphic Design: Print Media I DIGI0178 $30
Graphic Design: Print Media II DIGI0179 $30
Publication Design (Quark) DIGI0180 $30

Foreign Language

Title Number Fee
Command Spanish for Nurses LANG0150 $40
Spanish for School Administrator, Teacher, paraprofessional and Support Staff LANG0151 $40
Spanish for Childcare Facility Personnel LANG0152 $40


Title Number Fee
Modern Publication Design JOUR0180 $25


Title Number Fee
Applied Voice MUSC0169 $35
Applied Voice MUSC0170 $35
Applied Voice MUSC0171 $35
Applied Voice MUSC0172 $35
Applied Voice MUSC0173 $35
Applied Voice MUSC0174 $35
Applied Piano MUSC0175 $35
Applied Piano MUSC0176 $35
Applied Piano MUSC0177 $35
Applied Piano MUSC0178 $35
Applied Piano MUSC0179 $35
Applied Piano MUSC0180 $35
Applied Strings MUSC0181 $35
Applied Strings MUSC0182 $35
Applied Strings MUSC0183 $35
Applied Strings MUSC0184 $35
Applied Strings (Bass) MUSC0181 $35
Applied Strings (Bass) MUSC0182 $35
Applied Strings (Bass) MUSC0183 $35
Applied Strings (Bass) MUSC0184 $35
Applied Strings (Cello) MUSC0181 $35
Applied Strings (Cello) MUSC0182 $35
Applied Strings (Cello) MUSC0183 $35
Applied Strings (Cello) MUSC0184 $35
Applied Strings (Guitar) MUSC0181 $35
Applied Strings (Guitar) MUSC0182 $35
Applied Strings (Guitar) MUSC0183 $35
Applied Strings (Guitar) MUSC0184 $35
Applied Strings (Violin) MUSC0181 $35
Applied Strings (Violin) MUSC0182 $35
Applied Strings (Violin) MUSC0183 $35
Applied Strings (Violin) MUSC0184 $35
Applied Woodwinds MUSC0185 $35
Applied Woodwinds MUSC0186 $35
Applied Woodwinds MUSC0187 $35
Applied Woodwinds MUSC0188 $35
Applied Woodwinds MUSC0189 $35
Applied Woodwinds MUSC0190 $35
Applied Brass MUSC0191 $35
Applied Brass MUSC0192 $35
Applied Brass MUSC0193 $35
Applied Brass MUSC0194 $35
Applied Percussion MUSC0195 $35
Applied Percussion MUSC0196 $35
Applied Percussion MUSC0197 $35
Applied Percussion MUSC0198 $35


Title Number Fee
Stagecraft I THTR0150 $25

Addiction Counseling

Title Number Fee
Addiction Counseling Field Practicum I ADCN0250 $20

Early Childhood Education

Title Number Fee
Early Childhood Substitute Teacher Training CHLD0101 $15
Infant and Toddler First Aid and CPR CHLD0114 $15
Creative Experience I CHLD0143 $15
Creative Experience II CHLD0144 $15
Spanish for Childcare Facility Personnel CHLD0152 $15
Child Care Internship I CHLD0244 $15
Child Care Internship II CHLD0245 $15

Math, Science, & Computer Technology


Title Number Fee
Life and The Environment with Lab* BIOL0119 $20
General Biology* BIOL0121 $20
Human Biology BIOL0125 $20
Environmental Science Lab BIOL0132 $20
Human Anatomy and Laboratory* BIOL0141 $20
Human Anatomy and Physiology* BIOL0143 $20
Trees and Shrubs Laboratory BIOL0172 $20
Plant Biology Laboratory BIOL0222 $20
Diversity of Organisms BIOL0225 $20
Animal Biology Laboratory BIOL0232 $20
Microbiology Laboratory BIOL0262 $20
Physiology Laboratory* BIOL0272 $20
Introduction to Bioinformatics* BIOL0291 $20


Title Number Fee
Introduction to Forensic Science and Lab* CHEM0101 $20
General Chemistry* CHEM0109 $20
College Chemistry I and Lab* CHEM0111 $20
College Chemistry II and Lab CHEM0112 $20
Forensic Science Analytical Techniques CHEM0201 $40
General Organic Chemistry CHEM0203 $40
Organic Chemistry I Lab CHEM0213 $40
Organic Chemistry II Lab CHEM0214 $40
Biochemistry Lab CHEM0251 $40

Fire Science

Title Number Fee
Firefighter I FRSC0100 $60
Firefighter II FRSC0211 $60


Title Number Fee
Math Essentials (Computer Assisted) MATH0097 $75
Elementary Algebra (Computer Assisted) MATH0099 $75
Intermediate College Algebra (Computer Assisted) MATH0104 $75
College Algebra (Computer Assisted) MATH0105 $75


Title Number Fee
Descriptive Geometry ENGR0103 $20
Applied Math I ENGR0104 $20
Computer Aided Drafting ENGR0106 $20
Electronic Circuit Fundamentals ENGR0108 $20
Circuit Analysis I ENGR/AUDI0115 $20
Introduction to Geographic Information Systems ENGR0131 $20
Introduction to Global Positioning Systems ENGR0140 $20
Basic Drafting Technology ENGR0151 $20
Elements of Machine Drafting ENGR0152 $20
Pictorial Drawing ENGR0154 $20
Fundamentals of Arcview GIS ENGR0195 $20
Applied Calculus I ENGR0204 $20
Advanced Computer Aided Drafting ENGR0206 $20
CAD-MicroStation* ENGR0216 $20
Commercial Building Planning ENGR0251 $20
Building Planning ENGR0253 $20
CAD Systems ENGR0257 $20
Advanced Machine Drafting ENGR0260 $20
Commercial Building Planning ENGR0262 $20
Industrial Illustration ENGR0264 $20
Structural Steel Drafting ENGR0266 $20
Drafting Field Project I-II ENGR0281 $20

Physical Science

Title Number Fee
General Physical Science NASC0103 $20
Introduction to Astronomy Lab NASC0108 $20
Introductory Physics Laboratory NASC0131 $20
Introduction to Meteorology (Lab) NASC0175 $20
General Physics I NASC0231 $20
General Physics II NASC0232 $20
Engineering Physics I NASC0245 $20
Engineering Physics II NASC0246 $20

Exercise Science

Title Number Fee
Aerobics EXSC0101, 0102,0103,0104 $15
Bowling EXSC0108 $50
Infant and Toddler First Aid and CPR EXSC0114 $15
First Aid EXSC0115 $15
Beginning Swimming EXSC0132 $15
Intermediate Swimming EXSC0133 $15
Advanced Swimming & Lifesaving EXSC0134 $15
Weight Training-Physical Conditioning EXSC0143 $15
Employee Wellness EXSC0147 $15
Wellness and Fitness Center EXSC0148- 0149 $15
Personal Fitness EXSC0152-0155 $15
Fieldwork I EXSC0175 $15
Care and Prevention of Athletic Injuries EXSC0211 $15
Exercise Testing and Prescription EXSC0213 $15
Cardio-Pulmonary Resuscitation EXSC0290-293 $15

Other Fees / Notes

All Computer Information Systems Technology courses have a $20.00 fee
*Lab Courses that are taught online will not be charged a lab fee.
All Fire Science courses, except for Firefighting I & II, will carry a $30 course fee.
All Hazardous Materials courses will carry a $20 course fee


Automotive Collision Repair Technology

Title Number Fee
Technical Safety and Tools ACRT0100 $75
Cosmetic Auto Body ACRT0110 $75
Non-Structural Analysis and Damage Repair 1 ACRT0120 $75
Structural Analysis and Damage Repair 1 ACRT0140 $75
Paint and Refinishing 1 ACRT0160 $75
Paintless Dent Repair ACRT0175 $75
Mechanical and Electrical Component ACRT0180 $75
Mechanical and Electrical Component 2 ACRT0181 $75
Non-Structural Analysis and Damage Repair 2 ACRT0220 $75
Non-Structural Analysis and Damage Repair 3 ACRT0221 $75
Non-Structural Analysis and Damage Repair 4 ACRT0222 $75
Structural Analysis and Damage Repair 2 ACRT0240 $75
Structural Analysis and Damage Repair 3 ACRT0241 $75
Structural Analysis and Damage Repair 4 ACRT0242 $75
Paint and Refinishing 2 ACRT0260 $75
Paint and Refinishing 3 ACRT0261 $75
Paint and Refinishing 4 ACRT0262 $75
Estimating/Damage Analysis ACRT0290 $75

Automotive Hybrid and Electric Vehicles

Title Number Fee
Hybrid/Electric Vehicle Safety for First Responders and Dismantlers AHEV0102 $75
Basic Hybrid/Electric Vehicles AHEV0203 $75
Hybrid/Electric Vehicle Internal Combustion Engines and Alternate Power AHEV0212 $75
Hybrid/Electric Vehicle Transmissions AHEV0222 $75
Hybrid/Electric Vehicle Batteries AHEV0262 $75
Hybrid/Electric Vehicle Accessories AHEV0265 $75
Hybrid/Electric Vehicle Inverters, Converters and Electric Motors AHEV0282 $75

Auto Technology

Title Number Fee
Automotive Math AUTT 0101 $75
Automotive Safety AUTT0102 $75
Basic Automotive Care AUTT0106 $75
Light Truck Power Equipment AUTT0107 $75
Steering and Suspension 1 AUTT0141 $75
Brakes 1 AUTT0151 $75
Electrical 1 AUTT0161 $75
Electrical 2 AUTT0162 $75
Engine Performance 1 AUTT0181 $75
Engine Repair AUTT0212 $75
Advance Engine Repair AUTT0214 $75
Automatic Transmission AUTT0221 $75
Manual Drive Trains and Axles AUTT0231 $75
Steering and Suspension 2 AUTT0241 $75
Brakes 2 AUTT0251 $75
Electrical 3 AUTT0262 $75
Heating and Air Conditioning AUTT0271 $75
Engine Performance 2 AUTT0282 $75
Advanced Engine Performance AUTT0284 $75
Hybrid and Electric Vehicles AUTT0296 $75

Building and Property Maintenance

Title Number Fee
Custodial Training BPMT0104 $75
Tech Math BPMT0110 $75
Residential Electrical BPMT0112 $75
Residential Plumbing and Repair BPMT0115 $75
Remodel Painting BPMT0121 $75
Landscaping BPMT0124 $75
Drywall Repair BPMT0130 $75
Masonry Repair BPMT0133 $75
Roof Covering and Gutter Repair BPMT0136 $75

Computer Repair Technology

Title Number Fee
Introduction to the Personal Computer, Safety and Tool Usage for PC Technicians CRTE0102 $75
Computer Assembly and Troubleshooting for PC Technicians CRTE0104 $75
Operating Systems for PC Technicians CRTE0106 $75
Laptops and Portable Devices for PC Technicians CRTE0108 $75
Printers and Scanners for PC Technicians CRTE0110 $75
Networking for PC Technicians CRTE0112 $75
Security for PC Technicians CRTE0114 $75
Advanced Topics and Customer Skills for PC Technicians CRTE0116 $75
Operating System Fundamentals for Server CRTE0204 $75
Introduction to Networking for Server CRTE0205 $75
Physical Components of a Network for Server CRTE0206 $75
TCP/IP Networking for Server CRTE0207 $75
Overview of Network Services for Server CRTE0208 $75
Introduction to Network Operating Systems for Server CRTE0209 $75
NOS Installation and Boot Process for Server CRTE0211 $75
Windows 2000 Professional for Server CRTE0212 $75
Linux Installation Procedures for Server CRTE0214 $75
Linux Administration for Server CRTE0215 $75
Advanced NOS Administration for Server CRTE0217 $75
Installing and Maintaining Hardware in Linux for Server CRTE0218 $75
Troubleshooting the Operating System for Server CRTE0220 $75
Network Security for Server CRTE0221 $75
Workplace Skills for PC Technicians CRTE0223 $75
Workplace Skills for Server CRTE0224 $75

Construction Technology

Title Number Fee
Safety Orientation CONS0101 $75
Introductory Craft Skills CONS0106 $75
Masonry (Level 1) CONS0107 $75
Carpentry Basics CONS0108 $75
Floors, Walls and Ceiling Framing CONS0109 $75
Concrete Finishing (Level 1) CONS0110 $75
Roof Framing CONS0111 $75
Drywall Level 1-2 CONS0112 $75
Windows, Doors & Stairs CONS0113 $75
Electrical (Level 1) CONS0115 $75
Insulating CONS0123 $75
Rigging Fundamentals CONS0136 $75
Painting (Level 1) CONS0140 $75
Plumbing (Level 1) CONS0142 $75
Scaffolding CONS0151 $75
Sprinkler Fitting (Level 1) CONS0155 $75
Carpentry (Level 2) CONS0208 $75
Masonry (Level 2) CONS0209 $75
Concrete Finishing (Level 2) CONS0210 $75
Electrical (Level 2) CONS0215 $75
Painting (Level 2) CONS0240 $75
Plumbing (Level 2) CONS0242 $75
Sprinkler Fitting (Level 2) CONS0259 $75


Title Number Fee
Scientific Concepts COSM0101 $75
Physical Services I COSM0101 $75
Physical Service II COSM0106 $75
Physical Service III COSM0107 $75
Chemical Services I COSM0110 $75
Chemical Services II COSM0111 $75
Chemical Services III COSM0112 $75
Hair Designing I COSM0115 $75
Hair Designing II COSM0116 $75
Hair Designing III COSM0117 $75
Business Practices I COSM0120 $75
Business Practices II COSM0121 $75
Kansas State Law COSM0125 $75

Culinary Arts

Title Number Fee
Equipment and the Industry CULN0100 $75
Cooking Methods CULN0120 $75
Food Production I CULN0130 $75
Food Production II CULN0140 $75
Food Production III CULN0150 $75
International Cooking CULN0160 $75
Menu Marketing & Planning CULN0170 $75
Customer Service CULN0180 $75
Hospitality and Restaurant Management CULN0190 $75
Inventory & Purchasing CULN0200 $75
ServSafe CULN0205 $75
Beginning Baking CULN0206 $75
Advanced Baking CULN0207 $75
Culinary Capstone CULN0220 $75
Culinary Arts Internship CULN0230 $75

Electrical Technology

Title Number Fee
Electrical Safety ELET0100 $75
Electromechanical Systems ELET0101 $75
Electrical Print Reading ELET0104 $75
Workplace Skills ELET0105 $75
National Electric Code 1 ELET0110 $75
Electrical Math ELET0120 $75
Basic Electricity ELET0130 $75
Basic Residential Wiring 1 ELET0150 $75
Basic Residential Wiring 2 ELET0151 $75
Commercial Wiring ELET0200 $75
Analog Circuits ELET0203 $75
Communication Fundamentals ELET0206 $75
National Electric Code 2 ELET0210 $75
Electrical Circuits, Instruments and Measurements ELET0232 $75
HVAC Systems ELET0240 $75
Troubleshooting Techniques ELET0245 $75
Industrial Wiring ELET0250 $75
Motor Controls ELET0253 $75
Programmable Controllers ELET0255 $75
Digital Circuits ELET0260 $75
Generators and Transformers ELET0265 $75
Electrical Internship ELET0280 $75

Heating and Refrigeration

Title Number Fee
Refrigeration Theory (Introduction Safety and Tools) 1 HVAC0101 $75
Refrigeration Theory 2 HVAC0102 $75
Refrigeration System Components 1 HVAC0103 $75
Refrigeration System Components 2 HVAC0104 $75
Electrical Theory 1 HVAC0105 $75
Electrical Theory (Electricity & Components) 2 HVAC0106 $75
Basic Sheet Metal HVAC0107 $75
Basic Sheet Metal Layout/Fabrication HVAC0108 $75
Customer Relations HVAC0109 $75
Wiring I HVAC0110 $75
Tubing, Piping, Soldering and Brazing HVAC0111 $75
Heat Pump Systems HVAC0203 $75
System Servicing and Troubleshooting HVAC0204 $75
Wiring 2 HVAC0210 $75
Refrigerant Transition and Recovery HVAC0211 $75
Beginning Heating & Refrigeration HVAC0212 $75
Advance Heating & Refrigeration HVAC0213 $75
Heating and Refrigeration Internship HVAC0215 $75
R-410A Safety Certification (Green Technology) HVAC0221 $75
Heating (Gas) HVAC0224 $75
Heating (Electric) HVAC0225 $75
Cooling 1 HVAC0226 $75
Cooling 2 HVAC0227 $75
Refrigeration 1 HVAC0228 $75
Refrigeration 2 HVAC0229 $75
Special Projects 1 HVAC0230 $75
Special Projects 2 HVAC0231 $75
Electrical Controls (Motors) 1 HVAC0232 $75
Electrical Controls (Motors) 2 HVAC0233 $75
Heating (Other) Geothermal (Green Technology) HVAC0235 $75
How to Start Your Own Home-Based Business HVAC0260 $75

Machine Technology

Title Number Fee
OSHA 10~30 MACH0101 $75
Workplace Ethics MACH0102 $75
Bench Work MACH0103 $75
Industrial Print Reading MACH0104 $75
Quality Control and Inspection MACH0105 $75
Metallurgy MACH0106 $75
Machine Tool Processes MACH0107 $75
Machining Fundamentals I MACH0108 $75
Machining Fundamentals II MACH0109 $75
CNC Operations I HVAC0110 $75
Mathematics for Manufacturing MACH0111 $75
Machining Fundamentals III MACH0201 $75
Machining Fundamentals IV MACH0202 $75
CNC Operations II MACH0203 $75
CAD/CAM I MACH0204 $75

Major Appliance Technology

Title Number Fee
Electrical and Mechanical Safety MAPR0100 $75
Tools of the Trade MAPR0103 $75
Basic Electricity MAPR0108 $75
Fundamentals of Refrigeration MAPR0112 $75
Parts Research and Ordering Systems MAPR0115 $75
Principles of Combustion MAPR0120 $75
Oxy/Acetylene Safety/Usage MAPR0135 $75
Brazing/Swaging/Silver and Soft Soldering MAPR0140 $75
Workplace Skills/Customer Relations MAPR0160 $75
Gas and Electric Wall Ovens (Domestic and Professional) MAPR0205 $75
Gas and Electric Ranges/Cook Tops (Domestic and Professional) MAPR0210 $75
Ventilation Hoods/Make-Up Air Blowers (Domestic/Commercial) MAPR0215 $75
Dishwashers (Domestic/Professional/Commercial) MAPR0220 $75
Advanced Refrigeration MAPR0222 $75
Refrigerators/Freezers (Domestic and Professional) MAPR0230 $75
Ice Makers (Domestic Clear Ice and Commercial Ice) MAPR0233 $75
Commercial Walk-in/Reach-in Freezers/Coolers MAPR0235 $75
Steam Ovens/Proffers/Deep Fryers (Domestic and Professional) MAPR0240 $75
Microwave Ovens (Domestic/Commercial) MAPR0243 $75
Top and Front Load Clothes Washers (Domestic/Commercial) MAPR0245 $75
Gas and Electric Clothes Dryers/Stack Laundry MAPR0247 $75
Special Projects MAPR0284 $75
Internship I MAPR0290 $75
Internship II MAPR0291 $75

Medical Assistant

Title Number Fee
Patient Care I MEDA0120 $75
Patient Care II MEDA0125 $75
Clinical Lab Diagnostics MEDA0135 $75
Clinical Lab Diagnostics MEDA0135 $95

Nail Technology

Title Number Fee
Scientific Concepts NAIL0101 $75
Manicuring Skills NAIL0105 $75
Artificial Nails NAIL0110 $75
Business Practices NAIL0115 $75
Kansas State Law Nail Technology NAIL0120 $75

Networking Technology

Title Number Fee
Home and Small Business Networking NETW0140 $75
Voice and Data Cabling NETW0142 $75
Small-to-Medium Business or ISP NETW0144 $75
Routing and Switching in the Enterprise NETW0146 $75
Designing and Supporting Computer Networks NETW0148 $75
Workplace Skills NETW0150 $75

Multimedia Video Production

Title Number Fee
Introduction to Multimedia MMVP0110 $75
Introduction to Digital Imaging MMVP0130 $75
Introduction to Video Production MMVP0140 $75
Introduction to Animation MMVP0150 $75
Introduction to 3D Modeling MMVP0160 $75
Introduction to Web Animation MMVP0166 $75
Introduction to Game Design MMVP0170 $75
Audio for Video Production MMVP0180 $75
Digital Video Production MMVP0190 $75
Macintosh Digital Video Production MMVP0201 $75

Welding Technology

Title Number Fee
Welding Safety WELD0100 $75
Welding Blueprints WELD0105 $75
Cutting Processes WELD0110 $75
SMAW I WELD0120 $75
GMAW I WELD0130 $75
GTAW I WELD0140 $75
Oxy-Fuel Welding WELD0201 $75
Intermediate Welding Techniques WELD0202 $75
SMAW II WELD0220 $75
GMAW II WELD0230 $75
GTAW II WELD0240 $75
Aluminum Welding WELD0255 $75
Stainless Steel Welding WELD0260 $75
Fabrication Welding WELD0265 $75
Automated Welding and Cutting WELD0270 $75
Pipe Welding WELD0275 $75
Welding Codes and Advanced Inspection WELD0280 $75
Internship WELD0285 $75
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