Action Steps Streamlined

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Strategic Direction 1: Improve Student Success and Academic Achievement

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Goal 1.1: Support Student Success in Developmental Education    

Work Group Leader: 

1.1.1 Redesign, enhance, and improve developmental education curriculum

1.1.2 Mandate Developmental Track Sequence

1.1.3 Provide additional technology and information support in classrooms

Goal 1.2: Improve the Quality of Student Learning Outcomes at the Course, Program, and Institutional Levels   

Work Group Leader:  Mrs. Karisse Whyte

1.2.1 Continue to enhance and fully support student learning outcome assessment

1.2.2 Use outcome assessment data to modify curriculum and improve teaching and learning

1.2.3 Map career course learning outcomes to program learning outcomes

1.2.4 Promote best practices in assessment

1.2.5 Enhance and fully support faculty and staff development programs

Goal 1.3: Enhance the Institution-wide Commitment to Student Success         

Work Group Leader:  Mr. Shawn Derritt

1.3.1 Implement intrusive student advising

1.3.2 Provide more robust student orientation

1.3.3 Improve Student Early Alert System

1.3.4 Implement continuous degree audit and planning

1.3.5 Leverage technology to expand student services

1.3.6 Continue to enhance and fully support faculty and staff development in student advising

1.3.7 Track and evaluate the impact of changes designed to improve student services

1.3.8 Create a seamless experience for students from point of entry through goal achievement

1.3.9 Allocate financial and human resources to improve the process

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Strategic Direction 2: Improve Responsiveness to Evolving Workforce and Community Needs

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Goal 2.1: Enhance employability of and employment opportunities for our varied constituents

Work Group Leaders:  Larry Hill, Richard Piper

2.1.1 Develop and fully support an integrated/comprehensive workforce and career system

2.1.2 Integrate credit and non-credit workforce development strategies

2.1.3 Increase college and business/industry partnerships

2.1.4 Explore green job training opportunities

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Strategic Direction 3: Enhance Organizational Effectiveness and Culture

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Goal 3.1: Support an Organizational Culture Focused on Excellence   

Work Group Leader:  Mrs. Barbara Clark Evans

3.1.1 Enhance internal communication  

3.1.2 Promote a Climate of Trust

3.1.3 Promote Cross-Functional Teams for College-wide Committees

3.1.4 Solicit input from and provide feedback to constituents regarding committee activities

Goal 3.2: Enhance Organizational Effectiveness  

Work Group Leader:  Ms. Susan Stuart

3.2.1 Leverage Technology to improve resource utilization & to expand service delivery

3.2.2 Update technology and facility plans linked to budget, sustainability, and initiatives that emerge

3.2.3 Explore requirements to achieve silver or gold LEED building certification

3.2.4 Promote environmentally sustainable practices in all areas of campus operation

3.2.5 Develop a structure for submission, discussion, review, and evaluation of innovations

Goal 3.3: Change/Shape Institutional Image and Awareness   

Work Group Leader:  Mr. Jim Beechwood

3.3.1 Develop and implement a marketing plan

3.3.2 Develop a positive college image and awareness of achievements among target markets

3.3.3 Leverage and monitor social media sites to enhance college’s public image

3.3.4 Advocate for the institution’s dual identity as a liberal arts/transfer and technical education college

3.3.5 Develop an external communication plan

Core Team

Dr. Doris Givens, President
Dr. Cherilee Walker, Interim Vice President of Academic Affairs
Dr. Susan J. Lindahl, Chief Financial and Operating Officer
Dr. Baz Abouelenein, Chief Information Officer

Mr. Darren Elliott, College Senate Representative
Ms. Faith Moody, Staff Senate Representative
Ms. Jelena Ozegovic, Faculty Senate Representative

Contact Information
Dr. Baz Abouelenein - Chief Information Officer
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