Dr. Ewa UnokeEwa Unoke, Ph.D., is the founding editor of the KCKCC Electronic Journal. As Head of the Political Science/Pre-Law Programs in the Social and Behavioral Sciences Division, Ewa is currently the Director of the Henry Louis Center for Global Transitional Justice and Founder of two forward-looking student clubs - Students for Global Peace and Ralph Bunche Society.

Professor Unoke, a former child-soldier with the Biafran Organization of Freedom Fighters, BOFF, obtained a doctorate in Political Science from Howard University, Washington D.C.; M.Sc. from the University of Nigeria, Nsukka; and B. Sc. (Honors) from the University of Liberia, Monrovia. He specializes in International Relations and Comparative Politics (transitional justice) with Africa as regional area concentration.

Professor Unoke, a Patricia Harris Fellow and UNCTAD-Ake Lindberg scholar was also honored as the 1992 Best Political Reporter of the Year, by the Enugu State Chapter of the National Union of Journalists (NUJ). Prof. Unoke, formerly the Political Editor of the Daily Star, Editor-in-Chief of The Flame Newspaper is a kamenuist. Kamenu, an African social teaching is the ancient path to truth, justice and freedom. As a kamenuist and transitional justice advocate, Dr. Unoke is a motivational speaker and author of many books including: Citizen Power: American Government for Ignorant Citizens 2018; Dear God, Never Again: Memoir of a Different Child Soldier, 2015; Africa in a World of Mendacity: Understanding the African Condition and Why Political Paranoids can be Prosecuted (2008); Ever Bold to Battle Wrong: Black Liberation Pedagogy and Reflections on American Transitional Justice (2006); Drumbeats of Destiny (1997); The Untold Story of the Liberian War (1993).

Ewa Unoke currently serves on the Governing Board of the Providence Medical Center; Member, Kansas State Advisory Committee U.S. Civil Rights Commission. Ewa was also appointed a Reader in American Government by the Advanced Placement and Examination Testing Services, (AP/ETS) based in New Jersey, USA.

Editorial Board

Dr. Ewa Unoke - Editor E-Journal
Associate Professor of Political Science/Peace Studies
Cleon Wiggins
Dean of Social and Behavioral Sciences

Dr. Gregg Ventello
Associate Professor of English
Humanities and Fine Arts

Editorial Philosophy

Our Philosophy

The e-journal is another milestone in exploring a scholarly community at the KCKCC. As a sequel, therefore, our editorial philosophy speaks to the spirit of community building, as a vision for the 21st century.

Our Community

Our core value of making life better positions our great journal as a pacesetter in learning and teaching. As used in this e-journal, the term community is defined not only as a locality to be served, but also as a climate to be created and nurtured.

Our Future

According to the report of the Commission on the Future of Community Colleges, the network of community, technical and junior colleges have become the largest single sector of higher education in the United States today. The central mission of these colleges is uniquely that of building communities, hence the urgent need for educators and employers to remain actively engaged in scholarly research and writing for the promotion of community vitality and spirit.

Our Community Spirit

In establishing the e-journal, the KCKCC reaffirms its commitment to community spirit through educational excellence. E-Journals have become indispensable tools in shaping knowledge and ideas in the 21st century. “Community colleges have an urgent obligation to keep students informed about people and cultures other than their own,” according to the Commission’s report. Consequently, the exchange of scholarly ideas and knowledge must not only be local and national, but also international. In a post-9-11 world order, parochialism is not an option, hence, the import and timeliness of the KCKCC e-Journal.

Editorial Policy

Scholarly research on any subject or creative work in any genre is welcome. Occasional topical or thematic issues will be considered. The focus and scope of work may include:
  1. Finished manuscripts for which authors are seeking peer reviewed publication. Manuscripts of this type will be submitted to two or three experts in the field, at least one of whom shall be an external reviewer. Final decisions on publication will be made by the Editorial Board based on peer reviews.

  2. Works-in-progress. This category will include drafts of manuscripts for which authors are seeking informed critiques. Unless authors should ask for it, their work will not be sent to reviewers prior to publication. Final decisions on publication will be made by the Editorial Board.

  3. Data and other kinds of materials that might prove interesting or useful to the employees of KCKCC (e.g. community data, documents). These materials need not be part of an article or essay, but some form of introduction providing information that might be useful to the reader would be appropriate. Final decisions on publication will be made by the Editorial Board.

  4. Editorials in the form of commentaries or literature or exhibition reviews. Final decision on publication will be made by the Editorial Board.

Editorial Process

Editorial feedback from reviewers and other comments from the editorial board or the editor will help to guide the author in the publication process.


Wherever possible a "blind review" process will be used (i.e. the author's name will be deleted from the manuscript when circulated for review) to internal and/or external reviewers.

Publication Frequency

Semiannually, each Fall and Spring. Back issues will be archived.


The Editorial Board limits one manuscript submission per author, per issue. The work to be considered for publication is also limited to 25 pages excluding the bibliography, references or works cited sections. The limit for publication of poems is not more than five poems per contributor, per issue. It is expected that most manuscripts will be submitted electronically. Further, as an on-line journal, the KCKCC Journal intends to take advantage of the World Wide Web by making resources available to readers through embedded links (e.g. photos, videos, music, data bases, special sites) that would not be possible in print journals.

Deadline for Submission

Deadline for the Fall issue is August 30, while the deadline for theSpring issue is January 30 annually.

Copyright© Terms

Copyright© 2007 (Author). The copyright for each work accepted for publication will remain with the author in the event he/she seeks to publish essentially the same manuscript elsewhere. Neither the works nor their contents as published in this journal should be considered to reflect the opinions or views of the KCKCC, Editorial Board or the Editor, they are solely that of the authors.


The staffing of the KCKCC Journal will consist of:

  • An Editor (elected by the Editorial Board for a three year term).
  • An Editorial Board consisting of one representative from each of the following academic units: humanities, social sciences, fine arts, mathematics, science, business, and allied health. Employees of each unit will elect the person to represent that unit. The terms of the members of the Editorial Board will be three years and staggered so as to assure continuity.
  • Technical and secretarial assistance as needed.
  • Other staff as needed.


The editor will receive a teaching credit hour reduction of 3 hours each semester.

Writing Style

Manuscripts will be prepared according to the most commonly recognized style manual in that field, such as MLA, APA, or the Chicago Manual of Style.

Academic Freedom

Consistent with the policy of the College, the KCKCC e-Journal will honor the broadest application of commonly accepted rules for academic freedom in the acceptance of, and publication of, submitted manuscripts.

Administrative Reporting

While retaining the broadest possible application of academic freedom, for administrative purposes the Editor will report to the Dean of Institutional Services.

Liability Statement

The Author warrants the authorship, authenticity, originality and sole ownership of all rights to the Work, that to the best of the Author’s knowledge, the Work is not libelous, that publication of the Work will not infringe upon any copyright, right to privacy, proprietary of any other right of any person, corporation or other entity. The Author agrees to provide pertinent source materials to e-journal for the purpose of pre-publication review for accuracy and libel or in the event of any legal action arising from the Work’s publication.

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