Concurrent Enrollment Partnership Program

The Concurrent Enrollment Partnership Program provides secondary schools with the opportunity to expand their curriculum by scheduling KCKCC courses in conjunction with their regular class offerings. Students have the advantage of taking their classes right at the high school.

Courses taught at the high school have identical course content to that of courses being offered on campus and are evaluated by an Instructional Dean at the College before being implemented at the high school. Faculty are evaluated and must meet the same criteria as instructors who teach on campus.

Students interested in participating in the program should contact their high school counselor for additional information and details on the enrollment process.

Concurrent and Dual Enrollment Defined:  The Kansas Board of Regents (KBOR) encourages high school students to take advantage of postsecondary education opportunities by enrolling in college courses while still in high school. The statute commonly is known as concurrent enrollment of high school students in eligible postsecondary institutions. Different types of enrollment can be included under the statute.

Kansas City Kansas Community College Defines Concurrent Enrollment as:  Classes taught at a high school at which approved high school teachers teach classes for college credit during the normal school day. (KBOR 8b 1i)

Kansas City Kansas Community College Defines Dual Enrollment as:

  • Classes in which the high school student travels to the college campus to take courses prior to graduation during the academic year or in summer. (KBOR 8b 1 vii)
  • Classes in which college faculty travel to the high school to teach classes for college credit to high school students. (KBOR 8b 1 vii)
Admissions Guidelines
  • High school sophomores, juniors, and seniors are eligible for the concurrent and/or dual enrollment program.
  • High school students should first consult with guidance counselors to determine eligibility to enroll in courses at Kansas City Kansas Community College while attending high school.
  • Each qualifying student will obtain written permission from the principal to enroll at KCKCC by completing a Concurrent Enrollment/Acceptance Form.
  • In order to enroll, each student will complete an application for admission and be admitted to KCKCC.
  • Students must take the entire placement test. The placement test is available in the Academic Resource Center, the Leavenworth Center, and at some high schools.
  • Students must pay tuition before the semester begins. Tuition for year-long classes will be paid in the fall semester.
  • As mandated by the state, students may earn no more than 24 total concurrent enrollment college credit hours. In addition, KCKCC mandates that no students may earn more than 30 KCKCC based credit hours total, prior to graduation from high school (e.g., a student may enroll in 24 credit hours through concurrent enrollment and also enroll in up to 6 more credit hours through dual enrollment, and /or through typical credit—either face-to-face or online). The college also strongly recommends that high school students should be limited to a credit load of no more than 12 credit hours per semester.

In addition, KCKCC must also adhere to guidelines established by the Kansas Board of Regents which may not be listed in this catalog.

Concurrent, Dual Enrollment

Students interested in participating in the program should contact their high school counselor for additional information and details on the enrollment process. Classes Offered

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