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The decision to take a class online should be carefully considered before enrolling. It is true that online courses allow students flexibility. While you can access your class at a time that works with your schedule, classes are generally not self paced and have specific deadlines. No matter where you go or what time of day you wish to view course material, your class content is available 24/7. This is a wonderful advantage for those with full time jobs, families, transportation problems, or special needs. However advantageous online courses appear to be, please consider the following:

Online courses require time management skills. The student must log in regularly (3 or more times per week) and be prepared to read a great deal of information. Expect to spend 6 or more hours weekly on each online course, depending on the length of the course.

Most online courses at KCKCC are not self paced; they have definite start and stop dates, with assignments due weekly.

Students are expected to spend time reading, visiting websites, and posting comments.

Occasionally, problems with technology may impair these activities. When problems occur, it is important to quickly contact the technical support staff. Generally, problems can be solved quickly and deadlines can be met.

Successful online students are typically highly motivated, disciplined, and patient. Students must have consistent and reliable Internet access. KCKCC provides open labs for students wishing to work on campus.

Each online course carries an access fee of $30.00. Web enhanced (WE) courses have a $15 fee. There may be additional fees. Web-enhanced courses meet on campus in a traditional timeframe, of which certain elements are available within the password protected website.

Basic Requirements

Keyboard/typing skills
Use mouse efficiently
Cut/copy and paste
Save documents on desktop or in a file
Upload and download files
Use search engines
Download and install plug-ins (if necessary)
Print a web page

Computer Requirements

Personal computer or administrative access to computer
Computer labs available on KCKCC campuses (See above)
Internet access or Internet Service Provider
Web Browser supported by the Online Course System (ANGEL)
E-mail Address
 All students now have a campus email Pop-up blocker and Security programs must allow access to the following websites

Minimum Recommendations

Internet Service Provider: DSL or Cable preferred
Web Browser Internet Explorer or Firefox
Adobe Reader. Many instructors utilize PDF files to deliver information. Visit for the latest version CD-ROM or DVD. Some class' supporting material may require the use of CDs or DVDs. Keep current with all updates
ffice Productivity Suite, with Word Processor Microsoft Works, Microsoft Office, Open Office, or Corel Word Perfect Many classes, but not all, require the use of a word processor, such as MS Word, Wordpad, or OpenOffice Writer. Most instructors require documents written with these programs to be submitted in DOC or RTF formats.

Computer & Browser Recommendations

Online courses are displayed in a web browser.
The following briefly describe the minimum technical aspects needed to run the browsers that are supported by Blackboard.


Internet Explorer 7 (IE7) or Internet Explorer 8 (IE8)
Supporting Operating Systems: Windows XP Service Pack 2 (SP2 or higher), Windows Vista, Windows 7 Run Windows updates when they become available. system requirements

Firefox 3 or higher
Supporting Operating Systems: Windows XP/Vista/7, MAC OS/X system requirements

Safari 5 or higher
Supporting Operating Systems: Windows XP/Vista/7, MAC OS/X system requirements

Chrome 12 or higher

Supporting Operating Systems:
Windows XP/Vista/7, MAC OS/X system requirements Browser

Pop-Ups enabled for Online Classes Ajax enabled JavaScript enabled, for the latest Java plugin Browser plugins installed Flash, Media player; Real Player, Quicktime, and/or Windows Media Player

Unsupported Browsers
Internet Explorer 6 or lower are not supported. Safari is not supported.

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Susan Stuart - Director

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