Computer Systems Networking and Telecommunications - Associate in Applied Science

Program/CIP Code: CSNT.AAS/11.0901
Credits Required: 67
Division: Math, Science, Business and Technology
The D epartment of Computer and Information Systems Technology (CIST) is committed to meet the needs of the students who are enrolled in our programs. We are committed to excellence in teaching. We provide quality transfer courses, general education courses, pre requisites within vocational programs, and vocational courses.

Requirements for admission to the program

  • No requirements for admission to the program.
  • Contact program for program-specific advising.

College Requirement

Course Credit Hours
BLUE 0101 Freshman Seminar 1

All first time degree-seeking students are required to take BLUE-0101, Freshman Seminar.  See exemptions

General Education Requirements

Course Credit Hours
ENGL 0101 Composition I* 3
ENGL 0102 or
ENGL 0206

Composition II* or
Technical Writing
SPCH 0151 or
SPCH 0201
Public Speaking* or
Interpersonal Communication
ENGR 0104 Applied Math** or Math Elective 5
Humanities Elective 3
Social Science Electives 3
Natural and Physical Science Elective 3
Total General Education Requirements 21
*See course syllabi for program course prerequisites.
**Math sequence is contingent upon previous high school mathematics background and transfer institution. Students should confer with an advisor to determine correct placement.

Degree Specific Requirements

Course Credit Hours
CIST 0101 Computer Concepts and Applications 3
CIST 0111 Microcomputer Business Software 3
CIST 0117 Networking I 3
CIST 0137 HTML Web Page Development 3
CIST 0147 Programming Fundamentals 4
CIST 0180 Programming Algorithms 4
CIST 0191 Discrete Structures 4
CIST 0214 Home Computer Repair/Maintenance 4
CIST 0232 UNIX Scripting and Utilities 3
Web Application Electives
CIST 0158
CIST 0161
CIST 0216
CIST 0218
CIST 0220
CIST 0226
CIST 0250
CIST 0254
CIST 0299
Networking 2 (4hrs)
Systems Manager (4hrs)
Advanced System Manager (4hrs)
Service and Support (4hrs)
SQL Server (4hrs)
Networking 4 (4hrs)
Data Design and Implementation (4hrs)
O.S. Security (4hrs)
Industrial Internship: Computer (3hrs)
Total Program Requirements 45
*See course syllabi for program course prerequisites.

Total Hours

Total hours to complete Degree 67

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