Physics, Physical Science - Associate in Science

The Department of Physical Science strives to develop in its students a comprehensive grasp of the principles of Physics and to generate opportunities for optimized learning of Physical Science concepts through interdisciplinary interactions. We offer high quality learning experiences that include a variety of courses appropriate for a diverse student body.

Since the transferability of courses will vary depending on the specific four-year institution, it is strongly recommended that if students are intending to transfer to a four-year institution, they must consult with the transfer institution and with their respective KCKCC advisor before enrolling in order to determine the transferability of their courses. It is the student's responsibility to follow the transfer requirements established by his/her transfer institution.


Curtis Smith, Ph.D.  - Interim Dean of Division of Math, Science, Business & Technology Division  
Dr. Chandra Thapa - Academic Advisor

All first time degree-seeking students are required to take BLUE-0101, Freshman Seminar.  See exemptions

Course Number
Course Title
HUDV Requirement:
HUDV0100 First Year Experience or
HUDV0101 Strategies for Academic Excellence/Lifelong Learning
Basic Skill Requirements
ENGL0101 Composition I 3
ENGL0102 Composition II* 3
SPCH0151 Public Speaking or
SPCH0201 Interpersonal Communication 3
Total 9

Humanities Requirements (6 credit hours from at least 2 disciplines including: Art, History, Literature, Modern Language, Music, Philosophy or Theatre)

Humanities Core Elective 3
Humanities Core Elective 3
Total 6
Social and Behavioral Science Requirements (6 credit hours from at least 2 disciplines)
Social Science Core Elective 3
Social Science Core Elective 3
Total 6
Mathematics & Natural and Physical Science Requirements
CHEM0111 College Chemistry I and Lab* 5
CHEM0112 College Chemistry II and Lab* 5
MATH0122 Calculus and Analytic Geometry I** 5
MATH0123 Calculus and Analytic Geometry II** 5
Total 20
Total General Education Requirements 42-43
Physics Requirements
MATH0224 Calculus and Analytic Geometry III** 5
MATH0227 Differential Equations** 3
NASC0245 Engineering Physics I* 5
NASC0246 Engineering Physics II* 5
NASC0248 Statics* 3
NASC0249 Dynamics* 3
Computer Programming Elective 3
Total 27
Total for an Associate in Science in Liberal Arts and Sciences in Physics/Physical Science Degree: 69-70

*See course description for prerequisite.
**Mathematics sequence is contingent upon previous high school mathematics background and transfer institution. Students should confer with an adviser to determine correct placement

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