Electrical Technology - Technical Certificate

Program/CIP Code: ELEC.TCERTB/46.0302
Credits Required: 44
Division: TEC
Electrical Technology is a program that develops basic electrical skills, technical knowledge, and related occupational information to prepare for initial employment in the electrical trade. Students will begin with the basic fundamentals of electricity and progress through all types of residential, commercial and industrial wiring, including advanced solid state motor controls.

Requirements for admission to the program:

  •  Reading score of 60 or higher on the Accuplacer
  • Contact program for program-specific advising.

Gainful Employment Statistics

Electrical Technology Certificate

Certificate Specific Requirements

Course Credit Hours
ELET 0100 Safety (OSHA) 2
ELET 0101 Electromechanical Systems 3
ELET 0104 Print Reading 2
ELET 0105 Workplace Skills 1
ELET 0120 Electrical Math 3
ELET 0130 AC/DC Circuits I 4
ELET 0150 Residential Wiring I 4
ELET 0110 National Electrical Code I 4
ELET 0200 Commercial Wiring I 4
ELET 0232 Electrical Circuits, Instruments and Measurements 2
ELET 0245 Troubleshooting Techniques 2
ELET 0210 National Electric Code II 4
ELET 0253 Motor Controls 3
ELET 0255 Programmable Controllers 2
Electives (Selected by Instructor)
ELECT 0203
ELECT 0240
ELET 0265
Analog Circuits (2hrs)
HVAC Systems (2hrs)
Generators and Transformers (2hrs)
*See course syllabi for program course prerequisites.

Total Hours

Total hours to complete certifcate 44

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