Center for Research & Community Development

The Center for Research & Community Development is an entity within the Institutional Services Division of Kansas City Kansas Community College. The Center consists of two interrelated divisions: (1) Institutional Research and Effectiveness, and (2) Community Research & Development. The formation of the Center is premised upon the belief that the enhancement of institutional effectiveness and promotion of community development benefit from the use of scientific theories and methodologies in the formulation of institutional policies and recommendations for community development.

The Center helps KCKCC to fulfill its Mission and Purpose. More specifically, the following mission statements are directly addressed by the Center:

Providing support services that expand students' social, cultural, ethical, and intellectual horizons through the investigation of broad areas of human knowledge and achievement. . . .

Providing community services . . .that serve as a planning, research, and resource-center for issues important to the college's varied communities. . . .

Providing cooperative and customized educational and support service for school systems, businesses, industries, community agencies, and other institutions of post-secondary education in response to the needs of the college's service area. . . .

Providing administrative and institutional support services which can continuously evaluate and assess college policies, procedures, and practices to ensure that the college is fulfilling its mission, achieving its purposes, and is satisfying the needs of students and the community.

Functions of the Institutional Research & Effectiveness division include:

Providing theoretical and methodological support to faculty, staff, and students in their research activities.

Collecting and analyzing data for the college-wide planning process.

Responding to departmental and committee requests for information regarding program evaluation, development, and planning.

Collating information and completing reports that the State of Kansas and other external organizations require.

Supporting Student Academic Assessment activities.

Functions of the Community Research & Development division include:

Collecting and analyzing data about Wyandotte and Leavenworth Counties to facilitate community planning and development.

Working with community leaders and organizations to support research-based planning and community development.

Facilitating and conducting multidisciplinary social research.

A Model of Institutional Effectiveness

Institutional Effectiveness is about accountability-to students, employers, accrediting agencies, government bodies, and funding sources. Institutions of education are being asked to justify the vast amounts of time, effort, and money invested by students, taxpayers, local communities, and society in general.

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