What is the Higher Learning Commission?

The Higher Learning Commission is a private, nonprofit accrediting agency that serves as one of six regional institutional accreditors in the United States for post-secondary educational institutions. The North Central region encompasses 19 states including Kansas and Missouri. Institutions are evaluated based upon a set of standards that they must meet to receive and/or maintain accreditation.

Is Kansas City Kansas Community College still accredited?


What does it mean “to be placed on Probation?”

Probation is the sanction that is placed on institutions when they are out of compliance with one or more of the HLC Criteria for Accreditation. KCKCC met four of the five Criteria for Accreditation, with the HLC noting concerns surrounding program review and program level outcomes assessment. It is perhaps worth nothing that many institutions also struggle with these issues. While on Probation, the college has an opportunity to fix any issues that led to the probation designation.

As a student, how does the Higher Learning Commission action impact me?

Students should see no impact because of the action taken by the HLC. All academic programs, athletics, housing, student life and college functions will continue as normal.

As a student, will this impact my financial aid?

No, students will still be able to access all federal, state and local financial aid programs and opportunities.

What does the action mean to the school?

KCKCC will be on probation for no more than two years and has the opportunity to make necessary changes to improve the areas that are out of compliance during that time. Over the next two years, KCKCC is required to provide evidence that the college has addressed the issues that led to the probation status. All evidence must be submitted no later than Feb. 1, 2022 in preparation for the HLC on-site evaluation in April 2022. The HLC Board of Trustees will decide on KCKCC’s status in November 2022.

Will tuition and fees be increased because of the HLC action?


Will my graduation plans be altered?


Will the college credits I earn at KCKCC still transfer to other schools?

 In the overwhelming majority of cases, other colleges and universities will continue to accept KCKCC’s credits in transfer or for admission to a higher degree program. However, all colleges and universities define their own transfer and admission policies. Students interested in pursuing a higher degree or transferring should contact the institution they plan to attend so that they are knowledgeable about the admission policies for that college or university.