The Equity and Inclusion Council (EIC) is committed to fostering a diverse and inclusive environment that is dedicated to the success of all members of the KCKCC community, which reflects the broad diversity of experiences and perspectives.

Through culturally competent behaviors, attitudes, instruction, and policies, KCKCC promotes a diverse educational experience, fosters inclusivity to ensure student, faculty, and staff success, and contributes to the vitality of the institution and the surrounding communities. 

The council is a college-wide, strategic initiative administered by the Center for Equity, Inclusion and Multicultural Engagement, that includes representatives from all stakeholder groups and locations.   


EIC Members
Representing Area Names Department/Role
Chair Shawn Derritt Dean, Student Services
Academic Affairs Megan Randle Faculty, Nursing
Academic Affairs Dan Fitzgerald Coordinator, ESOL
Academic Affairs Amanda Williams  Director, Learning Commons
Student Senate or student population Sage Quinlan Student / OQS Diversity Club
Pioneer Career Center Marcia Irvine Director
Technical Education Center Ashley Irvin Assistant Dean
Human Resources (Cabinet) Christina McGee Chief Human Resources Officer
At Large Janel Sanders Community Education
At Large Shay Dodson Coordinator of Digital Design
At Large Aaron Margolis Associate Professor 
At Large Shawnee Warren  Student Senate
  Bronyal McFadden Professor, Health Professions
  Ishfaq Ahmed Assistant Professor, Mathematics, Science and Business Technology
  Hira Nair
Professor, Social and Behavioral Sciences & Public Services
  Jay Blumenthal
Adjunct, Mathematics, Science and Business Technology