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Senates and Committees

Extended Cabinet

Dean's Council

The Dean's Council meets monthly to discuss items that pertain to academics and student affairs. It also provides dean-level decision making, such as approval of curriculum changes before those changes go before the Academic Policy Committee. Membership is comprised of both the academic and student affairs deans.

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College Senate

The College Senate makes recommendations for the long-term improvement and direction of the college and serve as a representative model of the college's commitment to shared governance.

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Faculty Senate

Membership of the Faculty Senate consists of full-time faculty from each of the academic divisions, as well as 212 faculty, adjunct faculty and a representative from our Pioneer Career Center location. The Faculty Senate serves to advance the welfare and effectiveness of the college. To achieve this end, the Faculty Senate is an active participant in the shared governance of the college and functions as a regular channel of communication between the faculty and administration.

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Staff Senate

The mission of the Staff Senate is to serve as a united voice of Kansas City Kansas Community College staff. The purpose of the Staff Senate is to support the college's mission and enhance the working environment in a way, which promotes communication, respect, professional growth and equity for all.

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Student Senate

The KCKCC Student Senate works as a legislative body and a voice for the students. Through its members, any issues concerning students may be discussed during the general meetings. To see about letting your voice be heard, contact any of your Student Senate members.

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