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Special Course Fees

2023-2024 Special Course Fees

Addiction Counseling
Course Number Course Title Current Fee
ADCN0250 Addiction Counseling Field Practicum I $20
Allied Health
Course Number Course Title Current Fee
ALHT0104 Nursing Assistant* $135
ALHT0106 Certified Medication Aide* $115
ALHT0114 Infant and Toddler First Aid and CPR $15
ALHT0160 Sleep Studies $15
ALHT0286 Asthma Disease Management $15
ALHT0294 Neonatal Resuscitation $20
* Includes Exam    
Course Number Course Title Current Fee
ARTS0101 Art Appreciation $20
ARTS0111 Drawing I $50
ARTS0115 Life Drawing $20
ARTS0212 Drawing II $20
ARTS0213 Drawing III $35
ARTS0121 Painting I $35
ARTS0222 Painting II $35
ARTS0223 Painting III $35
ARTS0140 Introduction to Photography $35
ARTS0144 Screen Printing $35
ARTS0151 Sculpture I $40
ARTS0252 Sculpture II $40
ARTS0253 Sculpture III $40
ARTS0161 Ceramics I $50
ARTS0262 Ceramics II $50
ARTS0263 Ceramics III $50
ARTS0241 Intermediate Photography $35
Audio Engineering
Course Number Course Title Current Fee
AUDI/ENGR0108 Electronic Circuit Fundamental $35
AUDI0110 Music Technology I $75
AUDI/ENGR0115 Circuit Analysis I $35
AUDI0150 Live Sound Reinforcement I $75
AUDI0151 Live Sound Reinforcement II $75
AUDI0210 Music Technology 2 $75
AUDI0230 Multimedia Production $75
AUDI0233 Music Video Production $35
AUDI0240 Sound Editing and Synthesis $75
AUDI0250 Audio Recording I $75
AUDI0258 Applied Audio for Media $75
AUDI0260 Audio Recording 2 $75
AUDI0270 Audio Recording 3 $75
AUDI0280 Audio Engineering Portfolio $75
Automation Engineer (Advanced Manufacturing)
Course Number Course Title Current Fee
AMFT0100 Safety OSHA 10 $75
AMFT0101 AC/DC Circuits $75
AMFT0108 Machinist I $75
AMFT0112 Industrial Fluid Power $75
AMFT0115 Auto CAD Concepts $75
AMFT0121 Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC) $75
AMFT0130 GMAW $75
AMFT0131 Actuator and Sensor Systems $75
AMFT0141 Industrial Robotics $75
AMFT0150 Electric Motor Control $75
AMFT0160 Total Productive Maintenance (TPM) $75
AMFT0170 TQM and Lean Manufacturing Principles $75
AMFT0221 Advanced Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC) $75
AMFT0230 Project Design and Documentation (Practicum) $75
AMFT0240 Industrial Systems Integration $75
AMFT0250 Automated Manufacturing Systems Capstone $75
Automotive Collision and Refinishing Technology
Course Number Course Title Current Fee
ACRT0101 OSHA 10 $25
ACRT0110 Cosmetic Auto Body $75
ACRT0120 Non-Structural Analysis and Damage 1 $75
ACRT0140 Structural Analysis and Damage  1 $75
ACRT0160 Paint and Refinishing 1 $75
ACRT0180 Mechanical and Electrical Components $75
ACRT0181 Mechanical and Electrical Component 1 $75
ACRT0210 Intro to Estimating and Diagonostic Scanning $75
ACRT0215 Advanced Estimating and Blueprinting $75
ACRT0220 Non-Structural Analysis and Damage 2 $75
ACRT0221 Non-Structural Analysis and Damage 3 $75
ACRT0222 Non-Structural Analysis and Damage 4 $75
ACRT0240 Structural Analysis and Damage 2 $75
ACRT0241 Structural Analysis and Damage Repair 3 $75
ACRT0242 Structural Analysis and Damage Repair 4 $75
ACRT0260 Paint and Refinishing 2 $75
ACRT0261 Paint and Refinishing 3 $75
ACRT0262 Paint and Refinishing 4 $75
ACRT0290 Estimating Damage Analysis $75
Auto Technology (TEC)
Course Number Course Title Current Fee
AUTT0103 Automotive Shop Operations $75
AUTT0106 Basic Automotive Care $75
AUTT0107 Light Truck Power Equipment $75
AUTT0131 Undercar Maintenance $75
AUTT0132 Underhood Maintenance $75
AUTT0142 Steering and Suspension I $75
AUTT0152 Brakes I $75
AUTT0163 Electrical I $75
AUTT0164 Electrical I I $75
AUTT0182 Engine Performance 1 $75
AUTT0213 Engine Repair I $75
AUTT0214 Engine Repair 2 $75
AUTT0222 Transmission and Driveline I $75
AUTT0223 Transmission and Driveline 2 $75
AUTT0242 Automotive Chassis Systems $75
AUTT0263 Electrical and Electronics 3 $75
AUTT0264 Advanced Electronics, Chassis, and HVAC Service $75
AUTT0272 Heating and Air Conditioning $75
AUTT0284 Engine Performance 2 $75
AUTT0285 Engine Performance 3 $75
Course Number Course Title Current Fee
BAKE0100 Bakeshop Principles $75
BAKE0120 Quick Bread Production $75
BAKE0130 Yeast Bread Production $75
BAKE0140 Artisan Bread Production $75
BAKE0150 Cookie Production $75
BAKE0200 Principles of Pastry Production $75
BAKE0210 Pies, Tarts and Specialty Pastries $75
BAKE0220 Cakes & Icing Production $75
BAKE0230 Advanced Cakes $75
BAKE0240 Specialty Desserts $75
BAKE0270 Baking Capstone $75
BAKE0280 Baking Internship $25
Course Number Course Title Current Fee
BIOL0119 Life and The Environment with Lab* $25
BIOL0121 General Biology* $25
BIOL0132 Environmental Science Lab $25
BIOL0135 Principles of Cell and Molecular Biology $25
BIOL0141 Human Anatomy and Laboratory* $25
BIOL0143 Human Anatomy and Physiology* $25
BIOL0172 Trees and Shrubs Laboratory $25
BIOL0222 Plant Biology Laboratory $25
BIOL0225 Diversity of Organisms $25
BIOL0232 Animal Biology Laboratory $25
BIOL0240 Introduction to Genetics $25
BIOL0250 Climate Studies and Laboratory $25
BIOL0262 Microbiology Laboratory $40
BIOL0272 Physiology Laboratory* $25
BIOL0291 Introduction to Bioinformatics* $25
  *Lab Courses that are taught online will not be charged a lab fee.  
Course Number Course Title Current Fee
BMFR0145 Bio-Manufacturing Techician Training $300
Building Engineering and Maintenance Technology
Course Number Course Title Current Fee
BEMT0102 Tool Safety, Power, Pneumatic, Hand $75
BEMT0108 Carpentry Basics $75
BEMT0110 CNC Operation $75
BEMT0112 Residential Electrical $75
BEMT0113 Windows, Doors & Stairs $75
BEMT0115 Residential Plumbing and Repair $75
BEMT0124 Landscaping $75
BEMT0130 Drywall $75
BEMT0133 Masonry & Concrete $75
BEMT0145 Residential Painting $75
BEMT0181 Metal Fabrication & Joinery $75
BEMT0188 Construction Blueprint Reading $75
BEMT0190 CAD $75
BEMT0200 HVAC Cooling & Maintenance $75
BEMT0202 HVAC  Heating & Maintenance $75
BEMT0212 Advanced Electrical Theory $75
BEMT0215 Advanced Plumbing $75
BEMT0220 EPA 608 $75
BEMT0221 Basic Household Appliance Repair and Maintenance $75
BEMT0249 Construction Estimating $75
BEMT0253 Motor Controls $75
BEMT0255 Basic PLC's $75
BEMT0265 Irrigation $75
BEMT0280 Alternative Energy Sources $75
BEMT0282 Advanced Metal Fabrication & Welding $75
Course Number Course Title Current Fee
CHEM0101 Introduction to Forensic Science and Lab* $20
CHEM0109 General Chemistry* $20
CHEM0111 College Chemistry I and Lab* $20
CHEM0112 College Chemistry II and Lab* $20
CHEM0201 Forensic Science Analytical Techniques $40
CHEM0203 General Organic Chemistry $40
CHEM0213 Organic Chemistry I Lab $40
CHEM0214 Organic Chemistry II Lab $40
CHEM0251 Biochemistry Lab $40
  *Lab Courses that are taught online will not be charged a lab fee.  

All CIST courses have a $30 fee.

Computer Repair Technology (TEC)
Course Number Course Title Current Fee
CRTE0100 Comp TIA A+Essentials $75
CRTE0101 Comp TIA A+Practical Applications $75
CRTE0106 Advanced Operating Systems $75
CRTE0108 Technicians Laptops and Mobile Devices $75
CRTE0110 Printers Scanners and Peripherals $75
CRTE0115 Applied Networking I $75
CRTE0117 Applied Networking II $75
CRTE0200 Server Operating System and Virtualization $75
CRTE0201 Server Administration $75
CRTE0202 Linux and Windows Practical Server $75
CRTE0203 Computer Network Security $75
CConstruction Technology (TEC)
Course Number Course Title Current Fee
CONS0106 Introductory Craft Skills $75
CONS0107 Masonry (Level 1) $75
CONS0108 Carpentry Basics $75
CONS0109 Floors, Walls and Ceiling Framing $75
CONS0110 Concrete Finishing (Level 1) $75
CONS0111 Roof Framing $75
CONS0112 Drywall Level 1-2 $75
CONS0113 Windows, Doors & Stairs $75
CONS0115 Electrical (Level 1) $75
CONS0123 Insulating $75
CONS0136 Rigging Fundamentals $75
CONS0140 Painting (Level 1) $75
CONS0142 Plumbing (Level 1) $75
CONS0151 Scaffolding $75
CONS0155 Sprinkler Fitting (Level 1) $75
CONS0208 Carpentry (Level 2) $75
CONS0209 Masonry (Level 2) $75
CONS0210 Concrete Finishing (Level 2) $75
CONS0215 Electrical (Level 2) $75
CONS0240 Painting (Level 2) $75
CONS0242 Plumbing (Level 2) $75
CONS0259 Sprinkler Fitting (Level 2) $75
Cosmetology (TEC)
Course Number Course Title Current Fee
COSM0101 Scientific Concepts $75
COSM0105 Cosmetology Hair Care/Styling Services $75
COSM0106 Cosmetology Hair Care/Skin Care Services $75
COSM0107 Cosmetology Hair, Skin and Nail Care Services $75
COSM0110 Chemical Services I $75
COSM0111 Chemical Services II $75
COSM0112 Chemical Services III $75
COSM0115 Hair Designing I $75
COSM0116 Hair Designing II $75
COSM0117 Hair Designing III $75
COSM0121 Business Practices II $75
COSM0125 Kansas State Law $75
Culinary Arts (TEC)
Course Number Course Title Current Fee
CULN0120 Cooking Methods $75
CULN0130 Food Production I $75
CULN0140 Food Production II $75
CULN0150 Food Production III $75
CULN0160 International Cooking $75
CULN0170 Menu Marketing & Planning $50
CULN0190 Hospitality and Restaurant Management $50
CULN0200 Inventory & Purchasing $50
CULN0206 Beginning Baking $75
CULN0207 Advanced Baking $75
CULN0220 Culinary Capstone $75
CULN0230 Culinary Arts Internship $75
Digital Imaging Design
Course Number Course Title Current Fee
DIGI0115 Beginning Photoshop $35
DIGI0116 Intermediate Photoshop $35
DIGI0117 Advanced Photoshop $35
DIGI0131 Two Dimensional Design I $35
DIGI0132 Two Dimensional Design II $35
DIGI0137 3D Design & 3D Graphics Modeling $35
DIGI0174 Beginning Illustrator $35
DIGI0175 Advanced Illustrator $35
DIGI0176 Graphic Design: Multi-Media and Web I $35
DIGI0177 Graphic Design: Multi-Media and Web II $35
DIGI0178 Graphic Design: Print Media I $35
DIGI0179 Graphic Design: Print Media II $35
DIGI0180 Publication Design (Quark) $35
Course Number Course Title Current Fee
ENGR0103 Descriptive Geometry $35
ENGR0104 Applied Math I $35
ENGR0106 Computer Aided Drafting $35
ENGR/AUDI0108 Electronic Circuit Fundamentals $35
ENGR/AUDI0115 Circuit Analysis I $35
ENGR0151 Basic Drafting Technology $35
ENGR0152 3D Parametric Modeling $35
ENGR0154 Pictorial Drawing $35
ENGR0195 Fundamentals of Arcview GIS $35
ENGR0204 Applied Calculus I $35
ENGR0206 Advanced Computer Aided Drafting $35
ENGR0216 CAD-MicroStation* $35
ENGR0251 Fundamentals of Building Planning $35
ENGR0253 Fundamentals of Structural Steel Design $35
ENGR0257 Fundamentals of CAD Technologies $35
ENGR0260 Advanced Machine Drafting $35
ENGR0262 Commercial Building Planning $35
ENGR0264 Industrial Illustration $35
ENGR0266 Structural Steel Drafting $35
ENGR0281 Drafting Field Project I-II $35
Early Childhood Education
Course Number Course Title Current Fee
ECED0100 Introduction to Early Childhood Education $110
ECED0110 Infant, Toddler I $50
ECED0111 Infant, Toddler II $50
ECED0112 Preschool Child I $50
ECED0113 Preschool Child II $50
ECED0120 Portfolio Development in Early Childhood $50
ECED0143 Creative Activities for Young Children $50
ECED0150 Health, Safety and Nutrition in Early Childhood $50
ECED0170 Early Childhood Curriculum $50
ECED0180 Developing Language and Literacy in Early Childhood $50
ECED0200 Program Planning and Administration $50
ECED0210 Family, Community and Professional Partnerships $50
ECED0220 Social Emotional Development & Child Behavior $50
ECED0250 Early Childhood Inclusion and Intervention $50
ECED0260 Early Childhood Internship $100
ECED0295 Survey of Exceptionalities $50
ECED0296 Student Teaching B-PreK $50
PSYC0296 Special Problems in Child Development $50
Course Number Course Title Current Fee
EDUC 0160 Intro to Teaching: Career Awareness $40 background check
Electrical Technology (TEC)
Course Number Course Title Current Fee


Electrical Safety



Electromechanical Systems



Electrical Print Reading



National Electric Code I



Basic Electricity



Basic Residential Wiring I



Commercial Wiring



Analog Circuits



Communication Fundamentals



National Electric Code 2



Electrical Circuits, Instruments and Measurements



HVAC Systems



Troubleshooting Techniques



Industrial Wiring



Motor Controls



Programmable Controllers



Digital Circuits



Generators and Transformers


Electronics Engineering Technology
Course Number Course Title Current Fee
ELEC0115 Digital Electronics I $50
ELEC0120 DC Circuits $50
ELEC0210 AC Circuits $50
ELEC0212 Semiconductor Devices $50
ELEC0215 Digital Electronics II $50
ELEC0220 Microcontrollers $50
ELEC0225 Electronic Communication Systems $50
Emergency Medical Technician
Course Number Course Title Current Fee
EMTC0105 Emergency Medical Responder $60
EMTC0128 Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) $505
Exercise Science
Course Number Course Title Current Fee
EXSC0115 First Aid $15
EXSC0132 Beginning Swimming $15
EXSC0133 Intermediate Swimming $15
EXSC0143 Weight Training-Physical Conditioning $15
EXSC0147 Employee Wellness $15
EXSC0148-0149 Wellness and Fitness Center $15
EXSC0152-0155 Personal Fitness $15
Fire Science
Course Number Course Title Current Fee
FRSC0100 Firefighter I $150
FRSC0211 Firefighter II $150
Hazardous Materials
Course Number Course Title Current Fee
HZMT0120 Hazardous Materials Awareness & Operations $50
Heating And Refrigeration (TEC)
Course Number Course Title Current Fee
HVAC0103 Refrigeration System Components 1 $75
HVAC0104 Refrigeration System Components 2 $40
HVAC0105 Electrical Theory 1 $75
HVAC0106 Electrical Theory (Electricity & Components) 2 $75
HVAC0107 Basic Sheet Metal $75
HVAC0115 HVAC Fundamentals $75
HVAC0120 Heating System Fundamentals $75
HVAC0125 Electric Fundamentals $75
HVAC0203 Heat Pump Systems $75
HVAC0204 System Servicing and Troubleshooting $75
HVAC0215 Heating and Refrigeration Internship $0
HVAC0220 EPA 608 $40
HVAC0225 Heating (Electric) $40
HVAC0226 Cooling 1 $40
HVAC0227 Cooling 2 $40
HVAC0228 Refrigeration 1 $40
HVAC0230 Special Projects 1 $25
HVAC0231 Special Projects 2 $25
HVAC0233 Electrical Controls (Motors) 2 $40
Course Number Course Title Current Fee
JOUR0174 Principles of Photography and Photojournalism $35
JOUR0180 Modern Publication Design $35
Machine Technology (TEC)
Course Number Course Title Current Fee
MACH0101 OSHA 10-30 $75
MACH0102 Workplace Ethics $75
MACH0104 Industrial Print Reading $75
MACH0108 Machining Fundamentals I $75
MACH0109 Machining Fundamentals II $75
MACH0110 CNC Operations I $75
MACH0111 Mathematics for Manufacturing $75
MACH0201 Machining Fundamentals III $75
MACH0202 Machining Fundamentals IV $75
MACH0203 CNC Operations II $75
MACH0204 CAD/CAM I $75
Course Number Course Title Current Fee
All MATH classes using PEARSON books except USDB &B HS Partnership
MATH0097 Math Essentials (Computer Assisted) ($35 + $85) $120
MATH0099 Elementary Algebra (Computer Assisted) $120
MATH0104 Intermediate College Algebra (Computer Assisted) $120
MATH0105 College Algebra with Review(Computer Assisted) $120
MATH0106 College Algebra (Computer Assisted) $120
MATH0108 Pre-Calc (CA & LEC) $120
Medical Assistant (TEC)
Course Number Course Title Current Fee
MEDA0105 Medical Administrative Aspects $150
MEDA0115 Medical Professional Issues $75
MEDA0165 Patient Care $100
MEDA0175 Advanced Patient Care $100
MEDA0185 Laboratory Diagnostics $100
MEDA0195 Externship $230
Mortuary Science
Course Number Course Title Current Fee
MTSC0110 Restorative Art for Mortuary Science $100
MTSC0205 Embalming Theory $40
MTSC0239 Practicum I $15
MTSC0241 Practicum II $50
Multimedia Video Production
Course Number Course Title Current Fee
MMVP0110 Introduction to Multimedia $75
MMVP0130 Introduction to Digital Imaging $75
MMVP0140 Introduction to Video Production $75
MMVP0150 Introduction to Animation $75
MMVP0160 Introduction to 3D Modeling $75
MMVP0166 Introduction to Web Animation $75
MMVP0170 Introduction to Game Design $75
MMVP0180 Audio for Video Production $75
MMVP0190 Digital Video Production $75
MMVP0201 Macintosh Digital Video Production $75
Course Number Course Title Current Fee
MUSC0169 Applied Voice $50
MUSC0170 Applied Voice $50
MUSC0171 Applied Voice $50
MUSC0172 Applied Voice $50
MUSC0173 Applied Voice $50
MUSC0174 Applied Voice $50
MUSC0175 Applied Piano $50
MUSC0176 Applied Piano $50
MUSC0177 Applied Piano $50
MUSC0178 Applied Piano $50
MUSC0179 Applied Piano $50
MUSC0180 Applied Piano $50
MUSC0181 Applied Strings $50
MUSC0182 Applied Strings $50
MUSC0183 Applied Strings $50
MUSC0184 Applied Strings $50
MUSC0181 Applied Strings (Bass) $50
MUSC0182 Applied Strings (Bass) $50
MUSC0183 Applied Strings (Bass) $50
MUSC0184 Applied Strings (Bass) $50
MUSC0181 Applied Strings (Cello) $50
MUSC0182 Applied Strings (Cello) $50
MUSC0183 Applied Strings (Cello) $50
MUSC0184 Applied Strings (Cello) $50
MUSC0181 Applied Strings (Guitar) $50
MUSC0182 Applied Strings (Guitar) $50
MUSC0183 Applied Strings (Guitar) $50
MUSC0184 Applied Strings (Guitar) $50
MUSC0181 Applied Strings (Violin) $50
MUSC0182 Applied Strings (Violin) $50
MUSC0183 Applied Strings (Violin) $50
MUSC0184 Applied Strings (Violin) $50
MUSC0185 Applied Woodwinds $50
MUSC0186 Applied Woodwinds $50
MUSC0187 Applied Woodwinds $50
MUSC0188 Applied Woodwinds $50
MUSC0189 Applied Woodwinds $50
MUSC0190 Applied Woodwinds $50
MUSC0191 Applied Brass $50
MUSC0192 Applied Brass $50
MUSC0193 Applied Brass $50
MUSC0194 Applied Brass $50
MUSC0195 Applied Percussion $50
MUSC0196 Applied Percussion $50
MUSC0197 Applied Percussion $50
MUSC0198 Applied Percussion $50
Course Number Course Title Current Fee
NAIL0101 Scientific Concepts $75
NAIL0105 Manicuring Skills $75
NAIL0110 Artificial Nails $75
NAIL0115 Business Practice $75
Nursing/Practical Nurse (Campus & TEC)
Course Number Course Title Current Fee
KSPN0102 Foundation of Nursing (both old & new curriculum) $520
KSPN0104 Foundations of Nursing Clinical $196
KSPN0107 Nursing Care of Adults I $540
KSPN0108 Nursing Care of Adults Clinical $100
KSPN0121 Nursing Care of Adults II $582
NURS0105 Transition to RN for LPN, Paramedic, and RT  $645
NURS0131 Introduction to Professional Nursing Concepts  $545
NURS0132 Foundational Concepts  $365
NURS0143 Nursing Concepts for Clients with
Common Health Problems 
NURS0193 Health Assessment for Nurses $60
NURS0243 Nursing Concepts for Patients with Complex Health Problems $430
NURS0244 Nursing Concepts for Patients with Multisystem and Emergent Health Problems  $215
NURS0245 Nursing Management of Care Concepts $275
NUPN0100 Application of Health Assessment for the PN $20
Course Number Course Title Current Fee
PMED0227 Paramedic Concepts I $1,100
PMED0228 Paramedic Concepts II $100
PMED0229 Paramedic Concepts III $100
PMED0230 Paramedic Concepts IV $100
PMED0260 Paramedic Concepts - Medical Emergencies $100
Physical Science
Course Number Course Title Current Fee
NASC0103 General Physical Science $30
NASC0108 Introduction to Astronomy Lab $30
NASC0131 Introductory Physics Laboratory $30
NASC0175 Introduction to Meteorology (Lab) $30
NASC0231 General Physics I $30
NASC0232 General Physics II $30
NASC0245 Engineering Physics I $30
NASC0246 Engineering Physics II $30
NASC0250 Climate Studies and Laboratory $30
Physical Therapy Assistant
Course Number Course Title Current Fee
PHTR0160 Musculoskeletal I $150
PHTR0170 Fundamentals of Treatment Procedures $150
PHTR0180 Clinical Skills II $45
PHTR0220 Pathophysiology for Rehabilitation $150
PHTR0230 Musculoskeletal III $150
PHTR0250 Musculoskeletal II $150
PHTR0275 Neuromuscular Rehabilitation $150
Respiratory Therapy
Course Number Course Title Current Fee
RSCR0120 Fundamentals of Respiratory Care $50
RSCR0124 Technical Interventions I $50
RSCR0125 Cardiopulmonary Care I $65
RSCR0220 Introduction to Respiratory Care $50
RSCR0224 Therapeutic Interventions I $50
RSCR0225 Cardiopulmonary Care & Diagnostics I $65
RSCR0229 Therapist Clinical Practice I $80
RSCR0230 Technical Devices $35
RSCR0234 Technical Intervention II $50
RSCR0235 Cardiopulmonary Care II $65
RSCR0239 Clinic Practice II $80
RSCR0240 Therapeutic Devices $35
RSCR0244 Therapeutic Interventions II $50
RSCR0245 Cardiopulmonary Care & Diagnostics II $65
RSCR0249 Therapist-Clinic Practice II $80
RSCR0270 Technical Case Studies $20
RSCR0274 Technical Intervention III $100
RSCR0275 Technical Interventions IV $50
RSCR0279 Clinic Practice III $275
RSCR0284 Clinic Practice IV $275
RSCR0285 Cardiopulmonary Care & Diagnostics III $130
RSCR0286 Asthma Disease Management $20
RSCR0290 Perinatal Pediatrics $35
RSCR0294 Neonatal Resuscitation $20
RSCR0299 Final Project Seminar $20
Surveyor Technician
Course Number Course Title Current Fee
SURV0101 Surveying I $75
SURV0102 Surveying II $75
SURV0104 Global Navigation Satellite Systems (GNSS) $75
SURV0106 Geographic Information System (GIS) $75
SURV0108 Boundary Control $75
SURV0110 Real Property Law $75
SURV0202 Survey CAD $75
SURV0204 Advanced Survey Concepts $75
Course Number Course Title Current Fee
THTR0150 Stagecraft I $35
THRT0170 Stage Makeup $85
THTR0220 Costume Construction $35
THTR0255 Stagecraft II $35
THTR0265 Scene Painting $35
THTR0260 Stage Lighting-II $35
Welding Technology
Course Number Course Title Current Fee
WELD0100 Welding Safety and OSHA 10 $40
WELD0105 Welding Blueprints $75
WELD0110 Cutting Processes $75
WELD0120 SMAW  $75
WELD0130 GMAW  $75
WELD0140 GTAW  $75
WELD0220 SMAW II $75
WELD0230 Advanced GMAW $75
WELD0240 Advanced GTAW  $75
WELD0255 Aluminum Welding $75
WELD0260 Stainless Steel Welding $75
WELD0265 Fabrication Welding $75
WELD0270 Automated Welding and Cutting $75
WELD0275 Pipe Welding $75
WELD0280 Welding Codes and Advanced Inspection $75
WELD0285 Internship $75
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