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Student Health Services


Student Health Services will provide information to individuals to become informed healthcare consumers. We will strive to improve campus efficiency and productivity by assisting in the mental and physical healthcare needs of the KCKCC campus community. Student Health Services will provide healthcare information that addresses the whole person's needs: physical, mental, social, emotional, and spiritual.


To coach and motivate individuals to make healthy choices.

Services Provided

  • COVID-19 Home Test Kits Available 
  • Blood Sugar Testing/Diabetes Counseling
  • Home Pregnancy Test Kits Available
  • Safer Sex Kits
  • STD Testing and Healthy Living by Vivent Health
  • Tuberculosis Screening
  • Tuberculosis Skin Testing
  • QFT QuantiFERON Lab Draws for Tuberculosis
  • Annual Health Fair
  • Resource Referrals
  • Virtual Meeting through
  • Healthcare Information

Privacy and Confidentiality Practices

Confidentiality and privacy are integral to the services provided by Student Health Services. The college's FERPA and HIPPA policies protect personal and medical information. A copy of these policies is provided to clients if they desire.  Clients are verbally informed that their information is confidential except in life-threatening situations. Clients are asked to sign a new form stating their understanding of the policy. Medical files are stored in locked areas accessible only to Student Health employees. All computers are password-protected. Employees are required to maintain confidentiality inside and outside of the office. All records are destroyed (shredded) after 10 years.

Clients under 17 MUST have a signed parent consent BEFORE being seen. A verbal consent via telephone, taken in the presence of at least two licensed nurses acceptable.

Helpful Documents

Please complete this form if an incident has occurred in the clinical or classroom setting. Provide as much detail as possible. Please call 911 for any and all emergencies.

 QR Code for incident report form

Tuberculosis Screening Questionnaire

 Tuberculosis Screening Form QR Code

You may be required to undergo a TB skin test or blood test. (Documentation of a negative TB test obtained in the United States within the last year will be accepted at KCKCC. Proper documentation will include a copy of the (Mantoux/PPD) skin test with results documented in millimeters, signed and dated by a health care provider, and attached to the Certificated of Health form.)

·   Payment of Lab Draw- QFT
       Most insurance companies will pay for the lab draw.
       Fee-$80 (approx.) out of pocket- discounted through PathGroup.
       PathGroup will bill you for payment if you choose this method.
       Wyandotte County Health Department approx. $100 as of 1/2024.
       No money is exchanged in the office.
·  Payment of Chest x-ray
     Diagnostic Imaging will provide service for $90 approx. $100 as of 1/2024.  
    You may receive care from your PCP (primary care provider).
    Wyandotte County Health Department- may be eligible for a $30 voucher.

Questions or Concerns, please get in touch with  

Exposure to COVID-19

Students MUST report all exposures and positive testing to Student Health Services by calling 913.288.7217 or emailing using your college email.  Please include your ID and birthdate.

Employees, please report to Human Resources.

Students, please complete the form to report any positive diagnosis of COVID-19.  Please see and follow the Exposure to COVID-19 guidelines set by the CDC.  After you've completed this formPlease email using your college email and include your ID and birthdate to inform us of the submission.  You may also call 913.288.7217.  Employees will report to HR.


Students:  If you plan to be absent from class for an illness or injury, please complete this FORM to report the incident to the school nurse.  

Please remember to contact to tell them you've completed this form.

Please read our HIPPA Form
Please complete the Consent to Treatment Form.

Resource guides for:

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