Transferring to another college or university requires careful planning and collaboration with both KCKCC student success advisors and transfer advisors at your transfer institution of choice.  The following information and links can help you through the process.  The Student Success Center recommends the following steps:

Eight Transfer Tips

  1. It is never too early to start planning for your transfer, even if it’s your first semester at KCKCC. Be proactive and follow these steps to be on your way to a smooth transfer experience.
  2. If you need guidance on choosing a major, use our MY MAJOR Career Assessment or meet with our campus Career Counselor.
  3. Once you know what degree you are interested in studying, identify which colleges and universities offer this program.
  4. Make sure to compare and contrast the different universities and programs you find based on what is important to you. Things to consider but not limited to include tuition rates, location, scholarships, program outcomes etc.
  5. As you research universities, write down questions you still have and then meet with an academic advisor at the schools you are interested in! If you’re applying to a competitive entry program, meet with an advisor from that specific department rather than a general advisor.
  6. Ask their academic advisors about Transfer Guides, policies on transferring in D’s, repeating courses, block transfer etc.
  7. Meet with an advisor at KCKCC to learn how we can best support you in your academic journey. Come tell us your transfer plan.
  8. Consider joining Transfer Club. Build a support group here at KCKCC and explore area universities with new friends.