Selective Admissions

Admission to KCKCC does not guarantee enrollment into the following programs: Nursing, Practical Nursing, MICT (Mobile Intensive Care Technician/Paramedic) Mortuary Science, Respiratory Therapy, Physical Therapy Assistant, Cosmetology, and Nail Technology.

Selective Admissions for Paramedic Students

Admission to the College does not guarantee acceptance into the Paramedic Program.

Students seeking admission into the Paramedic Program must first be admitted to the College and then apply to the Paramedic Program. Applications to the Paramedic Program may be downloaded here; or obtained from the EMT/Paramedic Program Director or EMS Lab Supervisor in the Flint Building, 2621 or sent to you by email.  Completed applications must be submitted by May 31st, 2017 for the class starting fall 2017 semester.

Paramedic Program Application

All students accepted into the Paramedic Program must complete and turn in proof of the following: physical examination, current TB test or chest x-ray, and proof that immunizations are current.

For more information about the Paramedic Program contact Jeff Smith, Director EMT/Paramedic Programs at 913-288-7208 or

Selective Admissions for Nursing Students

Admission to the College does not guarantee acceptance into the Nursing Program.

Students seeking admission into the Nursing Program must first be admitted to the College and then apply to the Nursing Program. Applications to the Nursing Program are available in the Nursing Office. The deadline for submitting Nursing applications is January 31 for Fall classes and August 31 for Spring classes.

Students with transcript grades in physical and biological science courses more than seven years old must repeat these courses before acceptance into the Nursing Program will be granted.

All students accepted into the Nursing Program must complete a health form, physical examination, TB test or chest x-ray, and document current immunizations. For further information, contact the Nursing Education Office.

Respiratory Therapy Program  Selective Admission & Application

Applications to the Respiratory Therapy Program are accepted through July for classes starting August, and through December for classes starting in January. Students are continually selected into the program as applications are processed. Class sizes are limited and admission to the program is selective.

First, apply to the college if you have not already done so. Second, apply to the Respiratory Therapy Program here. Third, submit official transcripts from other colleges attended to KCKCC Transcript services. Finally schedule an admission interview and education planning session through the Program Coordinator,

To qualify for possible selection to the Respiratory Therapy Program applicants should have a grade point average of 2.5 or greater, have earned a C or better in the program prerequisite classes, and have no more than three prerequisites to complete while in the Respiratory Therapy Program. A program overview and list of prerequisites may be accessed here.

Applicants are encouraged to apply the fall or spring semester before planning to begin the Respiratory Therapy Program.

Special Students

Individuals are admitted to KCKCC as special students if they are over 18 years of age, do not have a high school diploma or GED certificate cannot meet “ability to benefit” criteria, and are non-degree seeking.

Students from Non-Accredited High Schools

Students who graduate from a non-accredited high school or are home-schooled can be admitted to the College based on their ACT, SAT, or GED scores and a personal interview with the Director of Admissions.

Transfer Students

Students are responsible for contacting the institutions they have attended and requesting that their official transcript be mailed directly to KCKCC Admissions and Records Office. All official transcripts from previous colleges attended are required to be on file in the Admissions and Records Office before the admissions process is considered complete. Hand-carried transcripts will be accepted as official only when the college seal is affixed, the envelope is sealed, and the document is submitted to the Admissions and Records office. Electronic transcripts are accepted through direct transmission from secured sites and authorized institutions, upon verification of authenticity. Photocopies and faxed copies can be used for advising purposes only, but are not considered official for the purpose of evaluation and posting to the KCKCC academic transcript.

Students who wish to have coursework accepted for credit at KCKCC for courses completed in secondary, college, and universities outside the U.S. must have a course–by-course evaluation completed by an independent agency such as Educational Credential Evaluators, Inc. (

Transfer credit is not official until evaluated and posted to the KCKCC transcript. The college will evaluate transcripts based on the declared program of study. KCKCC will grant transfer credit only to courses that apply to the student’s program of study or meet degree requirements at KCKCC. Students who change their program of study or degree plan at KCKCC may request that the Records Office re-evaluate their transcript based on the changed active program.

KCKCC will grant credit for equivalent courses at KCKCC. Courses for which there are no equivalent courses at KCKCC, but which are determined to be acceptable transfer credit, will be designated with the most appropriate department codes and listed as elective. All courses posted on the KCKCC transcript will be included for computation into the cumulative grade point average.

Procedures for Students Needing English for Speakers of Other Languages - ESOL

English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) is designed for students who have beginning, intermediate, or advanced English skills. For admission into the program, students must provide a high school diploma or GED certificate.

Students needing English for Speakers of Other Languages are required to take the KCKCC English Proficiency Examination before enrolling in academic credit courses. Testing is by appointment. Call the ESOL Coordinator at 913-288-7625, or the Humanities and Fine Arts Division at 913-288-7134, for an appointment.

Students needing the GED certificate or extra help with English skills should contact Continuing Education for non-credit ESOL at 913-288-7660.

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