Returning & Transfer Students


KCKCC has implemented an open enrollment policy, which allows you to register at your convenience any time during the published enrollment times. Student Success Advisors are available without appointment during regular enrollment days to assist you in selecting your classes for the semester.


An application to the college must be on file.  After the application is processed, a letter will be sent to you on how to enroll using WebAdvisor. You will use your Last Name and Social Security Number to login. If you have completed classes at other colleges, you may experience difficulty enrolling on WebAdvisor due to the system not recognizing pre-requisite courses completed at other colleges. If you experience this restriction, please contact The Student Success Center at 913.288.7696.


Former students who have not attended KCKCC for two or more semesters must re-apply for admission before enrolling.  Former students are also responsible for providing the Registrar’s Office with official transcripts from all colleges they have attended while away from KCKCC.


Current students may enroll through WebAdvisor. Students who have never used WebAdvisor, will need to start the process by selecting “I’m new to WebAdvisor" on the left hand side of the screen. The system will then guide the students to the process for gaining access to the system for the first time. Students will be able to enroll and/or make schedule adjustments in any course that has not already started, provided seats are still available.  Student Guide

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Enrollment Information

Advisor Appointments

It is strongly recommended that students schedule an appointment to meet with their program coordinator or advisor during early enrollment to determine class schedules.

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Advisor Contact Information

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Advisor Contact Information

Main Campus: 913-288-7696
Leavenworth Center: 913-651-2111
Technical Education Center: 913-288-7800
Online Students: Complete the Online Advising/Enrollment Form


Dropping or Withdrawing from a course

KCKCC is committed to helping you achieve your academic goals; however, we realize that sometimes circumstances may arise that prevent you from successfully completing your coursework as planned. Dropping and/or withdrawing from a course can have financial and academic implications that should be taken into consideration when making this decision.

Recent changes in financial aid rules and veterans education benefits have further complicated the course withdrawal process; only trained representatives have the knowledge to help students make the best decision(s)—financially and academically.

Before dropping or withdrawing from a course, we suggest you review the answers to the following most frequently asked questions.

Frequently Asked Questions:

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Is withdrawing the best option?

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This decision can potentially impact your academic and financial aid standing and should only be done if it is your only option. The first thing you can do before withdrawing from a class is talk with your instructor.

Your instructor can inform you about your progress in a specific course based on the grading criteria stated in the syllabus and your participation and grades earned to date.  Your instructor may also be able to explore opportunities that may allow you to successfully complete the course in accordance with KCKCC guidelines and policies.

You should also visit the Academic Resource Center to find out more about the free academic resources and services available to you.

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What is the difference between a drop and a withdrawal?

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Drop:  An academic drop occurs when you remove yourself from a course before or during KCKCC’s tuition, fees and refund period.  There are no academic consequences from this action, but there may be financial aid repercussions for this drop if you no longer meet aid qualifications. The course will show on your registration history as dropped but will not post on any unofficial or official transcripts and does not count as attempted credit.

Withdrawal: An academic withdrawal from a course occurs when you remove yourself from a course after the drop period has passed. You are financially responsible for the tuition and fees for the course. The academic consequences from this action include receiving the grade of "W" for the course, which will appear on any unofficial or official transcripts.  A grade of "W" will not impact your GPA nor count as completed credit toward your degree.

How to withdraw:
1. Submit this withdrawal form.  It will be submitted electronically and processed within (2) working days.

2. Submit a withdrawal form in the Admissions and Records Office on Main Campus, Leavenworth Center, or the Technical Education Center.

Refund Policy

Full Semester and First 8 Week Courses
100% refund for full semester and first 8 week courses dropped before January 16, 2018
90% refund period January 16-22 for full semester and first 8 week courses
50% refund period for full semester courses; January 23-29, 2018
*No 50% refund for first 8 week courses.


100% refund for Mid-Term courses dropped before March 18, 2018
90% refund period for Mid-Term classes
No 50% refund for Mid-Term/second 8 week courses
No refund for “mini courses” that meet less than 8 weeks

Important Dates
10/28 2nd 8 week (Fall 2) Auditor Rosters Due
11/01 Early Enrollment for Spring 2019 Begins
11/12 2nd 8 weeks (Fall 2) Midterm grades due
11/16 Last Day to Officially Withdraw from Full Semester (Fall) Classes
11/19 Thanksgiving Holiday Begins - College Closed November 19-25

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