Located in Room 3379 of the J. Paul Jewell Student Center, the Career Center provides a variety of career services to both students and the community. Assistance is available in the areas of job search, developing interviewing skills and resume writing. Information on the world of work and specific career fields is also available in both video and printed form.

The Strong Interest Inventory and the Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) career assessments are available online to help with choosing a career. There is a small administrative fee for each assessment.

Internship placement assistance is available in the Career Center.

Career Information

Information is available on a number of careers through the Career Center. Some of the information available includes educational requirements, salary, working conditions, skills required, and future employment prospects. Printed copies of these occupational briefs are available on request at no charge. Information on fast-growing career fields and employment predictions for the future are also available. Every two years the United States Department of Labor -- Bureau of Labor Statistics surveys and updates information on careers. This information is the most accurate and up-to-date information on today's more popular careers. The Department of Labor compiles this information in the Occupational Outlook Handbook. This website will provide accurate and interesting information on over 250 occupations covering about 90% of all workers. Information on labor market trends, plus details on each job include: Earnings, Training and Education Needed, Working Conditions, Skills Required, Advancement Opportunities, Projected Growth, Related Jobs, and Additional Sources of Information.

Interest Assessments

Strong Interest Inventory:
The Strong Interest Inventory is the most popular assessment used today. The SII assesses a person's interest and compares them to the interest of people working in certain occupations. It is not a test because there is no right or wrong answers. The SII is a survey that measures self-reported interest and skills, and provides information that will assist with the career exploration and career development process. The SII helps students pinpoint areas of academic study that can build skill and increase career options. The SII is available in paper and pencil form. It can be taken in the Career Center or completed at home and returned to the Career Center. The SII takes approximately 45 minutes to complete. The SII is computer scored in the Career Center and an appointment is scheduled to go over the results with the Director of Career Center. Cost is $15.00

Myers Briggs Type Indicator:

The Myers Briggs Type Indicator is not specifically designed as a career assessment instrument. It is a "type" or temperament indicator. It is primarily concerned with the valuable differences in an individual's personality that results from where one likes to focus attention, the way one likes to take in information, the way one likes to make decisions, and the kind of lifestyle one adopts. Each types has its own set of inherent strengths. The MBTI can add to ones self-assessment profile by understanding one's self better. The information it provides can help in the process of making informed career decisions. It is a paper and pencil test that is computer scored in the Career Center. An appointment must be made with the Director of the Career Center to go over the results. Cost is $15.00

An appointment is necessary for these resources.

On-Campus Recruiting

Each semester a number of area companies make arrangements through the Career Center to conduct on campus recruiting activities. A representative of the company comes to the KCKCC campus and talks with students interested in working for the company. Companies who have interviewed in recent months include United Parcel Service, Roadway Packing, J C Penney, Signature, K U Medical Center. Recruitment activities take place in the Lower Level of the Jewell Student Center.

Career Resources

Printed information, video tapes and books are available to assist students and community residents with all aspects of the career planning and job seeking process. Tip sheets on a variety of topics are available. To view tip sheets available in the Career Center, you can visit the Informational Interview page and/or General Information page.


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Dr. Marvin Hunt -
Dean of Business and Continuing Education
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