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Choosing Kansas City Kansas Community College (KCKCC) is a wonderful decision to further your education. The College’s sensitivity to the needs of its students is demonstrated by its accessibility, flexibility, comprehensiveness, quality, and accountability.

Kansas City Kansas Community College is a centrally located public 2-year institution in northeast Kansas. Within the city limits of Kansas City, Kansas, the College is conveniently located within Wyandotte County.

A flexible schedule of course offerings is provided to meet the needs of its students. In addition to regular day and evening courses, KCKCC offers classes in the late afternoon, on Saturdays, in the summer, online, and at mid-semester. KCKCC has two extension sites at 1) the Pioneer-Leavenworth Career Center, 1905 Spruce in Leavenworth, Kansas, and 2) Dr. Thomas R. Burke Technical Education Center, 6565 State Avenue in Kansas City, Kansas. KCKCC also offers classes at a variety of locations in the metropolitan area and in small towns surrounding Kansas City, Kansas.

Our College serves approximately 9,800 students annually with its programs and course offerings for both transfer credit and non-credit. 58% of our students reside within the county, 35% come from other Kansas counties; 5% from Missouri, and 2% from other states.

The average age of students at KCKCC is 29 with 58% of the student body female and 41% male. Culturally, 48% are Caucasian; 25% are African-American, 17% are Hispanic; 3% are Asian/Pacific Islander; and 7% are American Indian or multi-racial, respectively. Full time students comprise 37 % of the student body; 63 % attend part time.

Faculty members at KCKCC are committed to the philosophy of a 2-year college, have studied at colleges and universities both in the United States and in foreign countries, and bring years of practical, “real-world” experience to the classroom.

Academically, KCKCC offers four Associate degrees that provide the foundation for nearly all 4-year degrees. In addition, many 1-year programs and Certificate programs are offered. Students may enroll in pre-professional programs (i.e., predentistry) and transfer to a four-year university or college, or earn a 1-year Certificate or 2-year degree and enter the work force. 


Kansas City Kansas Community College is the most progressive, forward looking, forward thinking, forward moving, entrepreneurial, and diverse community college in the entire State of Kansas…and beyond.


Kansas City Kansas Community College is a public, urban, open-door, and comprehensive community college committed to excellence in education. Through an accessible and supportive learning environment, the college mission is to provide higher education and lifelong learning to the varied communities, primarily in its service area of Wyandotte and Leavenworth counties.


Kansas City Kansas Community College commits itself to:
  • An appreciation for multicultural education, respect for diversity and the enhancement of positive human relationships among its students, faculty, staff, and the larger community.
  • Development of a caring and concerned community based upon the principles of fair treatment, open communication, and cooperative efforts.
  • Accessible, affordable, convenient opportunities designed to serve the interests and needs of our students and communities.
  • High academic standards and high expectations for faculty and student performance through accountable, value added experiences.
  • Alternative support programs and services to assist students in reaching their goals.
  • Openness to innovation and change at every level and in every unit throughout the college environment.
  • Emphasis on quality through efficient, effective, fiscally responsible education and services and on-going professional development.  


Kansas City Kansas Community College seeks to fulfill its mission by providing:
  • An educational environment that encourages a strong commitment to high academic standards that sustain and advances excellence in learning and encourages challenging, innovative, and varied programs, teaching methods, and delivery systems; enhances student intellectual and social development to the fullest extent possible; and stresses the attitudes, behaviors, responsibilities, and skills required for effective learning and citizenship in a multicultural democracy.
  •  Transfer education in the liberal arts and sciences that enables students to pursue a baccalaureate degree.
  • Career education in a technical or professional field that enables students to achieve a certificate and/or associate degree.
  • General education and support services that expand students’ social, cultural, ethical, and intellectual horizons through the investigation of the liberal arts and sciences.
  • Continuing education that enables students to achieve and maintain workforce credentials, and to enhance personal growth and cultural enrichment.
  • Developmental education that enables students to improve basic learning skills in reading, writing, and mathematics to make satisfactory progress toward educational objectives.
  • Community services that offer cultural and recreational activities, provide access to college facilities, and that serve as a planning, research, and resource center to the college’s varied communities.
  • Education and support services that are responsive to the needs of the college’s service area, including educational systems, business and industry, community agencies, and other post-secondary institutions.
  • Student support services that assist students in achieving their educational objectives through quality advising, counseling, financial aid, enrollment services, tutoring and access.
  • Multicultural environment that reflects and respects diversity and seeks to increase understanding and appreciation of differences.
  • Administrative and institutional support services that continuously assess and evaluate college policies, procedures, and practices to ensure that the College is fulfilling its mission and achieving its purposes.
  • Activities that encourage student and community involvement geared to broaden occupational, social, political, cultural, aesthetic, athletic, and recreational interests
  • Campus environment that promotes the teaching and learning process through accessible, comfortable, safe, and well-maintained facilities.


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