Volume 10, Number 1 - April 1, 2016

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On June 25, 2015, Mela Chiponda sent me an email from her country, Zimbabwe, an African nation-state constantly maligned by the West over its leader’s undemocratic rule.  “I hope you remember me and my colleague. You and Karen Hernandez hosted us during our visit to Kansas during the International Visitors Leadership Program. I had been hoping to keep in touch soon after the visit but I misplaced your contacts. I just found your card and Karen's on Sunday amongst the many things I brought from the US.” I had requested Mela to write a brief note for publication in the e-journal, further explaining the community project she directed at home. Both the Developing and Developed nations have a lot to learn from the Marange Community Bio-Cultural Protocol, BCP.

        In this edition also, Jared Kelly, an international relations scholar from the University of California Berkeley shines more light on the sustainable energy question. Ironically, he has been influenced by a Zimbabwean subsistence farmer, Zephaniah Phiri Misako, and an American rain water harvester Brad Lancaster’s work in the Sonoran Dessert. Jared’s essay revisits the Energy Independence and Security Act of 2007. According to him, “The law helped [to] ease the pain of the energy crisis but the law also created some new unanticipated problems.”

Liberty Usera, an Adjunct instructor with the KCKCC delves into reading and analyzing ambiguous texts as an active way for students to develop and practice critical thinking skills, while Robertson Tankam writes on the financial realities of the African student in the United States and at the KCKCC. All these themes are important in a presidential election year. And, who knows, Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton might be listening! 


EJournal EditorsThe e-journal is another milestone in exploring a scholarly community at the KCKCC. As a sequel, therefore, our editorial philosophy speaks to the spirit of community building, as a vision for the 21st century. Editorial Board, policy and philosophy for the E-Journal.


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