Institutional Effectiveness

(Now part of Information Services)
Institutional Effectiveness provides the data, information, research, assessment, planning, and other academic support services to support the mission of Kansas City Kansas Community College. The division has the following departments: Assessment, Grant Writing, Institutional Research, Library, and Online Education Services.  The Dean of Institutional Services provides leadership in Strategic Planning and Accreditation and also serves as the Freedom of Information Officer.


The mission of the Office of Assessment is to improve student learning by assisting in the development of appropriate assessment methodologies and success indicators, which can be used to enhance the quality of teaching and learning at KCKCC. The office provides training, analysis, and support for on-going assessment of student learning.

Center for Research and Community Development

The Center for Research and Community Development consists of two interrelated divisions: (1) Institutional Research and Effectiveness, and (2) Community Research and Development. It serves both by collecting, storing, analyzing, interpreting, and disseminating data and other forms of information concerning the College and the community.

Grant Writing Services

The office of the grant writer consults with administrators, faculty and staff to identify grant opportunities appropriate for advancing KCKCC's mission and programs. It prepares and submits prioritized grant proposals and manages and administers grants awarded to the College.

Institutional Review Board

According to College Policy 2.1 all research involving human subjects or animals at Kansas City Kansas Community College (KCKCC) must be approved by the KCKCC Institutional Review Board (IRB).

Requests for IRB review should be initiated through the office of the Dean of Institutional Services. Researchers must complete the IRB Submission form and provide it and any additional documentation to the Dean if Institutional Services. 

The Dean of Institutional Services will forward materials to the Chair of the IRB and the Vice President of Academic and Student Services. Once the Chair has determined that all information appears to be present, the Chair will move all identifying information and forward to the committee. Once the committee has an opportunity to review the information the Chair may contact the researcher for additional information.

Once the IRB has completed its review, it will communicate its finding with the Dean of Institutional Services who will share the finding with the researcher and Vice President of Academic and Student Services.

Contact Information
Kaaren Fife - Director of Institutional Effectiveness

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