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How to Apply For Scholarships

Step 1

Admission to KCKCC

(If you are already a KCKCC student skip to step 2)

  • Complete the KCKCC Application for Admission and have a student ID number
  • Submit transcripts from previous educational institutions or GED scores to KCKCC Registrar’s Office (graduating high school seniors may submit 7th semester unofficial transcripts)
  • Sign into and activate your KCKCC student email address
Step 2

Scholarship Application Preparation

Prepare your responses to the short answer questions in the application. Be sure to write 3-5 sentences for each question:

  • Why did you choose your degree or certificate program of study?
  • What are your career aspirations for the future?
  • How will a scholarship help you fulfill your plans and goals for the future?
Step 3

KCKCC Foundation Scholarship Application

  • Go to and click Apply Now

    • Click the yellow button and sign in with your KCKCC student email address and password.
    • Click the Start Application button to begin filling out your application.
    • You may save your application and come back to it anytime by visiting
    • When all sections are complete, click the Submit Application button.
    • If you qualify for any additional scholarships, you will have follow-up actions to complete.

Some scholarships require a letter of recommendation. If you qualify for these scholarships, you will be asked to complete a follow-up step after submitting the general application to request a letter of recommendation from a KCKCC Instructor. Students should notify the instructor before requesting a letter.  When prompted, simply enter in the instructor's name and email address and an email will be sent to the instructor. They will be able to log in and upload the letter of recommendation. Students will not be able to view the letter, however students can see if the instructor has submitted the letter or not.

Step 4

Scholarship Award Notification

Students will be notified of their scholarship status 8 weeks after the deadline date via their KCKCC student email

  • An acceptance and thank you note must be submitted to Foundation by the deadline listed in the scholarship notification email
  • If you do not return an acceptance and thank you note, you will not receive scholarship funding
  • Funds will be posted to WebAdvisor by mid-semester of the award period
  • Scholarship recipients and guests are invited to the KCKCC Foundation Scholarship Award Social held twice a year
KCKCC Foundation | 7250 State Ave - Suite 3500 Kansas City, Kansas 66112 | 913-288-7675 |